Monday, July 27, 2009

Wrapping Up Yellowstone

The past few days have been a mix of going and staying.  On Friday, we got up early and made the 2-hour drive to Idaho Falls so I could go to a Weight Watchers meeting, plus we needed a few things from the store that we did not want to wait close to a week to get.  We also checked out a fuel stop and the directions to the RV park where we’ll be staying. It was a productive day.

Saturday was dog grooming and laundry day.  Jim got the laundry together and took off for town while I bathed both dogs and got them trimmed up.  I gave them both a “summer” haircut, much shorter than I usually do.

When the work was done, we took a drive over by the Earthquake Lake area to explore a little more.  I think we see the other side of this mountain from our RV park:


On our way back home, we stopped at a restaurant called the Longhorn Saloon and had an early dinner.  It was a little pricey (like most things in this part of the country), but very good.

Yesterday was mostly an at-home day without much going on.  We grilled burgers and sausages for a late lunch, and afterwards went into West Yellowstone for a little shopping.  We got caught in a rainstorm and ducked into an ice cream shop for a treat while we waited for the storm to pass.

We thought we might find some wildlife out and about after the rain, since it was still cloudy and cool.  Mark drove us back over to some beaver ponds near Earthquake Lake that is supposedly known for spotting moose.

No moose were out:


The wildflowers are so beautiful here:

IMG_9429 And, on the way back, we did see this osprey in her nest:

IMG_9437 As well as this cormorant:

IMG_9434 Since today is our last day in this area for awhile, we decided to visit the park one last time and see a couple of areas that we didn’t have time to explore before.  Our fist stop was Firehole Canyon to see Firehole Falls:


Well, here’s some wildlife:

IMG_9565 IMG_9581


Then we stopped by the Midway Geyser Basin for a look at the beautiful colors:

IMG_9489_1 We made one more stop at the gift shops near Old Faithful to be sure we hadn’t overlooked some treasure.  Then we headed back home to rest up before happy hour.

Tomorrow is travel day to the Snake River RV Park in Idaho Falls.  We hope to have better cell and internet connections there!

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Sandra said...

Did you try calling 'here moosey moosey'?