Friday, May 21, 2010

Checking In

Like many of our friends who spend weeks to months in one spot, I feel it’s hard to write a daily blog when our days are not filled with exciting adventures.  That is, unless you find dental and doctor visits exciting and entertaining!  So, I’ll just recap the past week for you.

Jim’s been to the doctor and the dentist, and all reports are positive.  He is getting excited to have his dental work in the final phase, he will have the last major appointment soon, and will only need to see the dentist for minor adjustments after that.

I got one more test snuck in this past week, a nerve test to see if I have carpal tunnel.  I still have 3 more tests to go before I am done, and they are all scheduled.

We have had wonderful visits with family and friends, more of that is scheduled too.

Exercise is going well, too.  I’ve been making good use of my gym membership.  In between visits to the gym, we’ve been walking the campground loop.  Jim usually walks one loop with me (about 3/4 mile) and I keep going for a total of 4 loops which is just over 3 miles.

I’ve been cleaning out and rearranging drawers, cabinets and files in my spare time.  We’ve given away a big stack of books, and I’ve shredded a few pounds worth of paper we no longer need to carry around.

Plans for summer travel are happening as well.  We’re starting to get a case of hitch-itch, seems we’ve been here long enough and we’re ready to go.  The first two stops involve Oklahoma, Texas, a family reunion and a high school reunion.  Just a few more weeks now…

For sure, one of the best events of the week was last night.  Grandson, Jacob, graduated 6th grade, complete with a wonderful ceremony and party at the junior high school where he’ll begin the next phase of his educational career.  Congratulations, Jacob!  We wish you much success in your education.  And Robin (Jacob’s mom), we wish you the best of luck as Jacob turns into a teenager!

Today’s picture is recycled from last October - a view of the Pacific Coast from Cascade Head, just north of Lincoln City, Oregon.  I thought of the coast last night as I listened to the train’s horn and the traffic on the interstate.  I told Jim the train’s horn could be a foghorn, and the sound of the traffic could be the surf!

Jim 028


Dortha said...

When we run out of blog information it is time to turn the wheels on the bus and slosh the diesel!

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

When we were there, we didn't know whether to listen to I 25 or the train. Oh and you haven't mentioned the planes overhead either.

But the river and the falls in the back of the park are most delightful, and helped us to sleep on most nights. A silver lining in the mixed city noise environment.


Debbie and Rod said...

That's so funny about the traffic noise. When I was little we lived on a hill above the freeway and I used to pretend the noise was a raging river!