Friday, March 15, 2013

Travel Days

Does anyone remember the game where you build some sort of structure and drop a little silver ball that rolls down a gutter, drops into something that knocks a thing-a-ma-jig loose that trips another little gizmo that swings a something or other and finally that little silver ball is supposed to end up in a little cup or something?  That's kind of how our travel day went today.

First, though, yesterday was a picture perfect travel day.  We left Bayou Segnette State Park  and traveled to the Gulf Coast RV Resort on the west side of Beaumont, Texas, no hassles, no problems.  We stopped for fuel once along the way and got in to Beaumont in time to have a restful afternoon and evening.

Back in Texas:

This morning started off just fine, we left at the right time to go through Houston after rush hour.  I'd researched the route through Houston and knew that we needed to stay in the left 2 lanes so we could transition to US 59.  No problem, traffic was not all that heavy and we made it though Houston right on schedule.

But somehow, just on the other side of Victoria, I got us navigated off the "right" road.  No biggie, it just added a few miles and minutes to our day.   Then we went through Refugio, and someone  pulled out right in front of us, Jim had to slam on the brakes to avoid smashing into him.  OK, we got through that, got to Rockport and got checked in at The Drifters Resort and drove to the back of the park to our assigned site.  Oh boy.  Talk about needing a shoe-horn to get us into the site!  We scraped a little black paint off our back passenger side slide topping cover, but we got in.  A couple of neighbors came over to assist with watching various corners of the Castle to make sure we weren't scraping anyone's pick-up trucks, and that we got into the site.  It required some maneuvering to get in between the trees to where we could put our slides out, but we're in.  We did have some evidence of "contents shifting" inside from our sudden stop earlier, but nothing major.

Satellite reception?  Nope.  Too many Live Oaks around us.  But by the time we got parked, it was time to get ready to go to Vickie & Don's place where they are staying next to other friends Judy and Roy over at LCW RV Park on Ransom Road, so we didn't mess around with trying to set up our little satellite dish.  Roy was frying up a mess of Red Fish for dinner.  We had a great time visiting, and dinner was excellent.  Vickie and Don have just purchased a new-to-them motor home, and this is their first outing with it.  They'll be here about a week before they need to get back to Amarillo.

Tomorrow morning, we'll set up our little portable satellite dish and see if we can figure all that out.  I'll also finish getting the Castle set up and do some house cleaning.

Our friends Pat and John are just across and down a few sites from us here at The Drifters.  Jim and I worked with Pat at Colo. Spgs. Utilities and they are now retired and full-timing.  We hope to spend a little time with them, as well as Janna and Mike, Rollie, and Vickie & Don and Judy & Roy.  I think we'll stay busy for the next couple of weeks here.  The weather was much warmer today, although a bit windy.

Hopefully, our little silver ball has dropped into it's place and we'll not have any further mis-adventure!


Elaine said...

good to see your there safe and sound and no major sure could have been alot worse..

Elaine said...

glad your safe and sound and its not worse than it travels

Gordon W said...

Amazing, isn't it, how someone can miss seeing a vehicle the size of a motorhome and pull out in front of it. Makes you wonder how they survived as long as they have. Anyway, glad you made it safely. Rockport and all around Aransas Bay was one of my favorite locations. Hope to see lots of photos. :-)

Randy and Pam Warner said...

ugh - man! Glad you are done with that day! It never ceases to amaze me why there trees are not cut WAY back. Hopefully you will get the satellite dish set up easily.

Speedy said...

Glad you are both safe. I know about that Houston traffic. We just got through fighting it coming back from San Jacinto! Almost one hour spent in traffic.