Friday, May 23, 2008

A Birthday, Grooming Dogs, and Friends

Yesterday was my sister, Ann's birthday. It was a treat to be here to celebrate with her. We went to dinner at Red Lobster, then went back to their house to play cards. It was a mixed night, the guys won cribbage, Bob won spades, but Ann & I took the canasta game.

Here's Ann, opening her card from us.

This is a view of Bob & Ann's front yard. The flowers are just beginning to bloom. in a few weeks, this will be a riot of color.

Much of the remainder of the past 2 days has been spent grooming the dogs. They were really looking shaggy, but they are much improved now. It's interesting how being out with the dogs on the grooming table draws a crowd. Usually, several people come by, asking if I'm a professional groomer, or just curious about why I groom my own dogs. I'm sure someone could make a few extra dollars on the road if they wanted to set up a campground service. I know I've been asked several times if I'd be willing to groom someone's dog.

Many of my readers also read the travel journals of our friends, Jo and Fred and JoAnn and Doug. These are the 2 couples with whom we traveled to Mexico in February. Lately, they have each experienced some challenges on the road. We're thinking of you, friends, and hoping you're through the worst! Another friend, Karon, of Discovery Travelers, is still in the midst of a major challenge with getting her microwave repaired or replaced. Karon, we hope today is the day!!! You need to be back on the road!

Another special note about friends. Today is Ginger and Jesse's last working day! Whooppeeee!! Congrats, both of you, and here's hoping your house sells very quickly now!

Finally, I need to make a correction to a bird. I was so excited when I thought I'd seen the female Western Tanager that I didn't even consider it might be a different bird. Grant helped me out, and is pretty sure this is actually a male Yellow Warbler. Thanks again, Grant!

We're looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend, watching the goings on at the campground for this Memorial Day.


Joe and Sherri said...

Ellie, when you post a picture of a bird just write here is a pretty bird. That way you don't have to be specific on the type. See then we can all name the bird and if we are wrong no one will know.Whats in a name????

Doctor Speedy

Gordon said...

I, too, am pretty sure that's a male yellow warbler. Looks just like this one, which coincidently I also shot recently, although it wouldn't let me get close enough to get a good shot of it.

An expert birder ID'd mine, so I'm confident about it.