Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Driving, Shopping, and More Visiting

Yesterday was sort of a laid-back day. We took a drive and ended up doing some shopping. I decided to replace the little "powder room" rug and toilet seat cover with green instead of the tan I had for the Bounder. That got purchased, plus a book, some computer cleaning supplies and a card or two.

Today I started the grooming process on Mr. BoJangles. It was cool and cloudy when I started, but before we finished, the sun came out, the wind started blowing and the temperature shot up. So, we postponed the rest of the grooming until tomorrow, and I came inside. This afternoon has been extremely windy. Now the clouds are back and it's spitting rain. It is still Springtime in the Rockies!

We're heading out to dinner with friends this evening, so I thought I'd better get a quick post done. I may not make it into the RV-Dreams Chatroom tonight, I was a little late last evening and my sister, Ann, called me to see where I was because people were wondering.

We are starting to really get itchy to be back on the road -- 11 days and counting!

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Joe and Sherri said...

I met your sister last night. She is real nice. I was supprised that she was on the chat. I did not hear you mention that she ever went to chat. I might have missed that conversation one night...ya think...LOL Sometimes I wonder how any of us can keep up with the topics...

Joe and Sherri