Friday, May 29, 2009

A Full Week

Yes, it has been a busy week! Interspersed with our relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun, we've been visiting with friends and family, going fishing, rounding up cattle, and polishing the Castle. Well, Jim has been the one fishing and rounding up the cattle, I've done more of the visiting with friends.

We spent some time on Memorial Day with the family at Ann and Bob's. Bob has been working in his garden and has some pretty flowers, like this iris:

And bleeding heart:
Josh, me, Jim, Jacob (yes, he is taller than me now, at 11 years), and Robin:

Jim and his friend, John, planned a fishing trip on Tuesday. Even though the weather was cold and wet, they bundled up and headed out early for the trip up Ute Pass:

To Eleven Mile Reservoir in the mountains:

They were early enough to see deer:

Got in some fishing, but didn't catch a thing:

I'll bet this pelican was wondering where the rest of the ocean went and why it was so cold:

These Western Grebes were right at home:

Laundry got done, the Castle got cleaned, dogs were walked several times a day, and the week went by.
Today, Jim headed down to the Pueblo area to Steve's ranch with John.
Steve's tractor:

Some of the cows:

This little calf was sure interested in the bulls fighting each other!

While Jim was on the ranch, I had my annual mammogram to attend to. On the way, I stopped to capture this view of Pikes Peak from a distance.

After my appointment (where I got the "all-clear" for another year), I picked up my friend, Karen, and we ran errands before meeting my sister, Ann, for lunch. I think we all had a fun day!

We know that things are busy in our friends' lives, too. Dortha has had knee surgery this week, glad you're doing real well!
Also, Joe (Speedy) has retired! Congratulations and best wishes, Joe!
And, Janna & Mike have purchased a new-to-them motorhome! Congratulations and enjoy your new home away from home!
Yes, it's been a full week.

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