Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Dolls and Travel Days

Our night at the Sheridan Walmart worked out just fine. We were kept company by several trucks that were also parked there, with their engines humming along all night. That didn't keep me from sleeping though, it seems as long as I'm in my own bed, I do ok most nights.

We wish we had realized that our friend, Janna, who lives in Montana, was originally from Sheridan. She emailed us yesterday morning to let us know that her family is still there, and she could have found us a good place to park. We knew she was from Arkansas, but just didn't know the exact town. We relayed messages back and forth to see if Karon or her friend Janice know Janna's family, I'm sure there are some mutual acquaintenances for sure.

Before we left town, Karon and Janice came by to take me to the local museum. Karon's mom's doll collection was, in part, donated to the museum and are on display there.
This is Karon and Janice in front of many of the dolls in the display:

And Karon and I in front of many of the other dolls:

We were on the road again shortly after 10 yesterday morning . We stopped at the Sunrise RV Park in Texarkana, Arkansas for the night. This is a fine park for overnight, with wide open gravel spaces. By the way, they are looking for workampers, no long term commitment required. The managers have just taken over about 3 weeks ago, and could use some help. They have cleaned the place up until it's sparkling clean.

There were storm warnings all afternoon and evening, but we dodged them this time. We got a few rain sprinkles, but that was all.

We woke up early this morning and got on the road before 7:30, with very dark skies. Just as we pulled out onto I-35, the rain started. We drove through storms across the northeast corner of Texas, but finally got out of the rain and crossed another state line. (I missed getting a Texas state line sign because of road construction):

I was pretty convinced the Indians are still mad at us when we saw the roads in Oklahoma:

But then, what's this - road construction! Yes, in Oklahoma, they do work on the roads!

We got to Kingston, and Jim's aunt and uncle were waiting on the highway to lead the way into the area where Three Pines RV park is located:
After a lot of study and discussion, we finally got into our spot and got a satellite signal:

There are 3 pine trees, across the street from the rv park!

And, there's a resident burro, and he likes to make some noise with his braying, I just hope it isn't at 6 am!

Ruth and Wayne took us to lunch at a restaurant in Madill, a little town near here. Then we rested for awhile this afternoon before going on a drive around the neighborhood. Ruth and Wayne have recently bought a house in this area, after living in the Arlington, Texas area for several years. They are happy here out in the country, next to Lake Texoma. We'll spend the next few days here getting caught up with the family.

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