Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jim!

And a happy one it’s been, according to him!  We woke to rain again, and once again, the sun prevailed and it turned into a beautiful day.

I asked Jim what he wanted to do for his birthday, and here’s what he chose:

First, a walk on the beach:

Jim 001

There are several access points to the beach along Lincoln City, which is pretty much a strip city along Highway 101.  Today we chose to go to the beach at “D River”, known as the shortest river in the world, because it just flows from Devils Lake on one side of the highway, across the beach and into the Pacific.

After our walk, we sat on a park bench and watched the tide come in.  I thought the sign behind him was very appropriate:

Jim 011

Once we were assured the tide was coming in, our next stop was:

 Jim 017 The outlet mall, where we kept up with our past tradition of buying clothes for me on his birthday!  Now, before you all get upset with me for spending money on myself on my husband’s birthday, I just want to make sure you understand that he just got new clothes and a new camera!  Today, he also got several barbeque brushes, a fish turner and some cheese sauce.

After our shopping trip, we came home for some college football watching and a short rest before our evening adventure.

One of our very favorite restaurants, and for sure our favorite seafood restaurant, is located just a few miles south of here, and this was Jim’s choice for dinner:

Ellie 011My sister and brother in law introduced us to Tidal Raves many years ago.  Every table in the place has a view of the rocky cliffs and the ocean, because the restaurant has terraced seating.

Ellie 027 If you want to be frugal, there are some lower cost items on the menu, but since this was a very special night, we went all out with drinks, appetizer, fabulous entrees, and dessert.  It was worth every penny to celebrate Jim.

The sunset from just outside the door of Tidal Raves as we left:

Ellie 029

What an outstanding day, thank you for sharing it with me, my love!


Janna and Mike said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim from your Montana friends. Some other only child in this family has one coming up in a couple of days.
HUGS, Mike & Janna

Happytrails said...

Ellie and Jim,
What a beautiful place and what a special way to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday!!!
We have just started our fulltime journey -August 18th and enjoy following your blog and travels. We started a blog but have since gone to my trip journal. Come over and visit:
We are in the learning stage and look forward to meeting many new friends on the road.
Take care,
Gerri and Mike (happytrials)

Sandra said...

What a fabulous day and a beautiful sunset. Glad you both had a nice day on Jim's birthday! By the way, I love Tanger Outlet. There was one at Ft Myers, FL next door to where my sister was staying a couple of years ago. I parted with quite a bit of $$$$ there!

Debbie and Rod said...

So glad you had a nice birthday, Jim. Wish we could have been there with you.

Debbie & Rod

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jim! Sounds like you two had a wonderful day...and Ellie, girlfriend you look totally awesome!

I miss you on the RVer thread on WW, you are such an inspiration!

Love to you both!

Mark and Dortha said...

Sounds like your birthday turned out just great....even without us!


Lee Ann said...

Happy Birthday Jim, looks like you had a terrific day! Beautiful seating at the restaurant with a sunset to boot. We'll be heading down the coast in Oregon in about 10 days, your pics are inspiring us to move along, can't wait to get there too! Hugs, Lee Ann

Allan and Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Jim. Beautiful sunset. Looks like y'all are really getting the most out of your travels through Oregon. We have been enjoying your blog. We plan to be in Or. and Wa. next summer.
God bless,
Allan and Jeanne