Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life in Lincoln City

Yes, we’re still here on the Oregon coast, still loving where we are and what we’re doing.  Our days have consisted of some routine chores like deep cleaning, polishing and minor maintenance tasks.  Thrown into the mix have been a dinner party for Joe and Jo, my former boss and his wife, who spent the weekend here on the coast, and of course, the sightseeing and beach walking.

I have signed up for a 10-use pass at the local community center, where I can use the pool and/or fitness room.  That certainly expands my opportunity to help keep my waistline from expanding!  With all of the running around we do, it’s so easy to stop and have a late lunch out instead of cooking.  We’ve had some really great food here, but it is challenging to make appropriate choices all the time.  But, with continuing to attend Weight Watcher meetings and my exercise habits, my weight is staying stable.  I have to admit, the losing phase was a lot more exciting, however, the maintenance is critical to me!

Yesterday we chose to go beach-hopping to the south.  We stopped at Gleneden Beach and took a quick look around, then moved down to Fogarty Beach.  That’s one of our favorite places along the coast because it’s such an interesting beach.  It isn’t the best for taking long walks, but it gets a lot of sea “junk” washed up, like driftwood, seaweed and all sorts of interesting things.  There are rocks that have wonderful tide pools at low tide as well.  Several years ago, my family rented a house for a week at Christmas and spent the holiday at this beach:

Jim 029 Jim climbed the rocks at Rocky Point:

Ellie 053 He took some  really neat surf pictures:

Jim 010 We made a stop at Cape Foulweather and visited this little shop while we enjoyed an awesome view:

Jim 052 We continued on to the next stop at Otter Point.  We visited the Flying Dutchman winery here and sampled some of their wine.  They purchase premium grapes from other Oregon locations, but make the wine here on the coast.  Here are some of the grapes being readied:

Jim 075 By this time we were getting hungry, so we decided to stop on the way home and have a late lunch in Depoe Bay at Gracie’s Sea Hag, our second-favorite restaurant there:

Ellie 055Back home, we settled in for an evening of Monday night football, and the  Colorado Rockies last game of the baseball season.  They had a good one, just not quite good enough!

The next few days are expected to be cool, windy and rainy, but it’s ok with us, as long as it doesn’t get too cool!


Arlene said...

Nice pictures. Looks like a really nice area. One that hopefully we will get to enjoy perhaps next year. Thanks for sharing..

Mark and Dortha said...

Keep on enjoying those beaches. We missed the Sea Hag. I think that is the day we chose Burger King. LOL

Hugs to you both.

Sandra said...

Ellie, maybe you could volunteer to get in there and stomp grapes, that would be great exercise!

Glad you're holding your own on the weight thing!

Margie M. said...

Great post today, Ellie. We also love the OR coast. No matter what time of year, it is wonderful. I'm a lifetime WW member, too. As a F/T RVer, I'm determined to not let this lifestyle ruin my desire to keep the weight off. You are right, it is a challenge. To try and work with keeping my goal, I started a second blog devoted to healthy lifestyle. It helps me to keep trying.
Check it out: www.myhealthylivingthruweightcontrol.blogspot.com

Thanks for sharing your tour of OR with all of us.
Margie M.