Thursday, October 8, 2009

Newport and a Day at Home

Yesterday we decided would be a good time to visit Newport, about 20 miles south of here.  It happens to be the location of the nearest Walmart and Fred Meyer stores.  For those not familiar with them, Fred Meyer stores are what I think of as the West Coast Super Walmart alternative.  I know for some people, life without Super Walmart is pretty much unheard of, but out here on the West Coast, they are few and far between.  Fred Meyer is a similar type of store, with groceries and all the other stuff too, and most decent-size towns have them.

We left here in fog and mist, but the sun finally won out and started shining in the afternoon.

We stopped just before entering Newport to take some pictures of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse:

Jim 005 And the beach:

Jim 007We made our stops at Walmart and Fred Meyer, then had lunch at the Newport Cafe.  Then it was on to the historic Port of Newport at Yaquina Bay, where we visited the resident sea lions who were enjoying the warmth:

Jim 023 I wish I had sound effects so you could hear them barking – they were noisy!

Ellie 036We stopped in a few shops, made some purchases, and then decided we’d better head back so I would be in time for the Weight Watchers meeting, which started at 6:30.  But not until we had a picture of the Yaquina Bay bridge:

Jim 013

To day has been a work day at home.  Jim did the laundry while I started cleaning house. Maybe not real exciting, but it feels good to get things accomplished.


squawmama said...

Hi Ellie & Jim, Love your pictures and travels today as always... We'll be in that area next fall and you have given us so many wonderful places to visit... Keep the great adventures coming my friends...

Have Fun & Travel Safe!

Mark and Dortha said...

I could have watched the sea lions all day. In all your running around, don't forget the Cranberry Wine in Depot Bay.

Enjoy the beach for me...we spent a really cold and rainy night in Amarillo.

Missing you both...


Joe and Sherri said...

Wish you guys were her...Having lots of fun and meeting newbies. Stay safe see ya next year