Friday, October 2, 2009

North to Tillamook

We weren’t sure what the weather would hold for us today.  It rained much of last night, and was still very damp and cloudy this morning.  Finally, we decided to take a drive up the coast and revisit Tillamook and the Three Capes Scenic Loop.  We’ve “been there, done that” a couple of times before, but I just don’t get enough of this part of the country, so I love going again and again.

The clouds cleared away and the day got warmer, making for a very enjoyable trip.  We passed through thick, green forests on the scenic loop to Cape Kiwanda, Cape Lookout, and Cape Meares:

Ellie 007

The Cape Meares Lighthouse is not very tall, so it’s pretty easy to climb.  It’s the steep path from the parking lot that will do you in!

Ellie 033

Once I find a spot overlooking the ocean, it takes a lot of pleading and cajoling to get me away!  I could stand in one spot for hours, just watching, listening and taking it all in.  This spot is at the Cape Meares Lighthouse:

Jim 026 But finally, Jim convinced me he would pass out from hunger if I didn’t come along so we could get to Tillamook for some lunch!  We made it to the cheese factory and went right to the cafe for lunch before taking the self-guided tour or doing any shopping.

Once we had lunch and did our cheese shopping, we decided to head back home.  Once we got back, I took the dogs and went over to what I’m already considering “my” beach for a walk.  I took the dogs with me, and they had a great walk with me.  It’s about a mile drive to the Road’s End park, and once you get on the beach, you can walk for miles.

We walked probably half a mile or more, to this rock:

Ellie 040

The waves were really big today, made for some great ocean watching.

When I got back home, we left the dogs to take a nap and went over to the Chinook Winds Casino to check it out.  It’s just across the highway from our rv park, which might not be a great advantage – the Indians liked our money so much, they decided to keep it!  Oh well, it was a fun time while it lasted. Back home again, we settled in for a quiet Friday night after a wonderful day.


JB said...

Their taking America back, one nickel at a

safe travels

Darrell said...

I can completely understand your infactuation with the ocean. Yesterday we were on the beach at Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod and it would have taken absolutely nothing for me to plant myself right there for the rest of the day. Just can't get enough of that salt air, sounds of the waves, and looking out across the water. Love your pictures, especially the ones of "your beach".