Friday, July 31, 2009

Catching Up in Idaho Falls

We’ve been enjoying our time here in Idaho Falls, getting a few things done while we’re in the “big” city.  I’ve got my appointment set up for my routine blood work to be done next week.  We’ve done some shopping, but not exactly at the mall, as Mark asked me to do!  In my last entry, I mentioned we’d stopped by Best Buy to check on some electronics.  We both have new toys!  Jim has a Bose speaker system for his MP3 player, I have a new Toshiba laptop, and we also have a new wireless printer.

We made our purchases on Wednesday, but left the computer with the Geek Squad to be optimized and  have some software installed.  While we were waiting for that to be done, Thursday we headed off to explore two scenic byways that are nearby:

IMG_9615 Where we caught some very interesting views of the Grand Teton mountain range:

IMG_9644The Teton Byway starts about 35 miles southeast of Idaho Falls at Swan Valley and ends at Ashton, where the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway starts. 

On the Mesa Falls byway, we stopped at the Lower Falls, where the observation deck is a long ways above the falls.  Then we went to the Upper Falls:


Where they have stairs and walkways to get closer to these dramatic falls:

IMG_9550 Happy dogs got to go with us:



We have gone down part of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River in a small drift boat, but not this section!

IMG_9548After our two byway drives, we stopped at a small restaurant in Ashton and had a bite of lunch before heading back to the rv park.

I picked up my new computer and started the process of getting familiar with Windows Vista and finding out what programs I run that might have “compatibility issues.”  This process continued all day today, and I’ve finally got to the point I can use the new machine.  The issues have been surprisingly minor, all things considered.  I will be buying a couple of new programs that don’t have upgrades available, but they are not critical. 

Tomorrow, Dortha and Mark will be arriving and we’ll continue our adventures!


Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Great photos! Enjoying your blog.

Randy and Pam

Lee Ann McCormick said...

Jim & Ellie, So glad you went to see Mesa Falls. We just loved it there. We were all alone the day we visited and Onyx loved it also! Thanks for the great pics! Brought back good memories. Travel safe...

Speedy said...

Good going

JB said...

Coincidentally I was looking at the Bose speakers for my Ipod today. I came to the conclusion that although they were nice they will probably be cheaper in the States this winter. I am enjoying following your travels as always.

The Haman's said...

The fur kids look good with their new shorter do's.
Looks like a beautiful place, We will get there one day and see for ourselves, in the mean time thanks for sharing.

Janna and Mike said...

You did give those Schnauzers a summer haircut! See you soon.

Leno said...

Looks beautiful! Another place to look forward to seeing one day.

Anonymous said...


The picture of the falls with the rainbow is absolutely gorgeous!!

Thanks for sharing!