Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A New Chapter

Do I even remember how to write a blog????  It's been over a year since I  attempted writing, but today's event calls for an update!

If you follow Facebook, you already know that today we traded in our full-time RV'er status for the ever popular "Part-timer" or "Any-timer" with the purchase of a house at the Escapee's North Ranch community near Congress, Arizona.

What in the world????  Well, we've been slowing down in our travels over the past few years.  Hence the lack of updates to our blog.    We thought we'd get leased lot at the Escapees Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama.  But last winter was pretty brutal with cold, rain and even ice.  Hey, we didn't sign up to be freezing cold....so this year we decided to try Arizona again.  We've been to Apache Junction, Mesa, Peoria (or Glendale), Bouse (Quartszite) several times over the past eight years and enjoyed these experiences a lot.

Long story short, once we arrived at North Ranch, we were hooked.  At first we thought we might buy a vacant lot, but that didn't work out.  Once we started thinking and talking about our thoughts, we found that buying a house, if we could find the right one, might be a good idea.  After all, we keep hearing that interest rates are going to go up again, and we're not getting younger.  At some point we are going to find it necessary to hang up the keys to the RV and stay put.  Not that we're there yet - I think we've still got a few miles to travel.

If you're wondering where in the heck North Ranch is, we are about 6 miles south of Congress, Arizona; or about 13 miles northwest of Wickenburg.  Or, if that's still got you guessing, we're about 75 miles northwest of Phoenix.  The elevation here is right around 2700', a little higher than Phoenix, but a whole lot less than just 35 miles up the road in Prescott.

Anyway, back to my story....So, driving around the area, we spotted a house for sale that looked interesting.  We contacted the real estate agent ( who is an Escapees member) and looked at the house.  Hmmm.....definitely needs some work and TLC.  But the price was workable, so here we are!

The "end" of the house with the window awnings faces the street. 

The back of the house, the windows in the center of the picture are in the dining area.

The living room/dining area has a gas fireplace used for heating.  Floors are light oak laminate.

The kitchen is equipped with an electric range/oven, microwave, dishwasher, side by side fridge/freezer, and a nice breakfast bar!

There are two bathrooms, a large master bedroom, and an office/den.  Outside there is a shed/workshop, and on top of that building there is an open deck where we can sit and see the surrounding mountains and desert!

We have our work cut out for us since the previous owners were smokers with health issues.  That translates to lots of cleaning, minor repairs and painting.  The plan is to move our motorhome over to the full hook-up spot on the lot and going to work on the house.  We have very little in the way of furniture right now, but for this winter the goal is to get the cleaning, repairing and painting done.  If all that happens and we still have time (oh yes, and a little money), we will start in on the furnishing and decorating.

Our plan is to continue to travel during the summer - to Amarillo and Colorado Springs primarily, but also to anywhere that catches our fancy and doesn't break the bank.  Once summer turns to fall, we'll head back to our Arizona nest.

When we're not working on the house, I'll be continuing to line dance here at North Ranch; currently I'm an assistant teacher with Pat McFall as the lead.  I'm also taking a ladies' shooting class at the Wickenburg Sportman's Club which we joined this fall.  Jim participates in their competitive matches when his time allows. I've signed up to teach line dancing at the Escapade in Tucson in March, and Jim will be helping with customer service and transportation.  We're looking forward to meeting lots of new neighbors as well as connecting with friends who are passing through the area.

If you're in the area, stop by, we'd love to visit!