Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On The Move

After a fast two months in Amarillo, Texas, we've pulled up the jacks and checked the roundness of the Phaeton's tires once again.  Our time in Amarillo went by in a flash this year!  I think one major reason was that we got there early in April and winter hadn't quite finished up yet.  We spent a lot of time waiting for warmer weather.

I got involved with the Amarillo Senior Citizen's Center line dance classes, so that took up some of my time.  I learned several new dances, met some wonderful people, and had a great time.

We had several maintenance issues to take care of, mostly minor.  Somewhere along the way, our motor for our front electric shade went out, and we managed to get that replaced in Amarillo.  Our door entry handle broke, so Jim fixed that.  One day when I was getting ready to give the dogs a bath, I turned on the faucet, but nothing came out of the "hot" side.  I'd read in Judy's blog, Travels with Emma where a check valve in the hot water line had failed.  I mentioned that to Jim, and he was able to replace it within about an hour - hot water again!

The most important issue left to fix is our front air conditioner.  It started tripping the breaker.  Jim did some diagnostic work and got it sort of working, but it still needs some attention.  We have an appointment this week to have new batteries installed, and the techs will take a look at it then.

Besides fixing things and dancing, we spent time with our daughter, Robin, her son Jacob and husband, Paul.  They moved to Amarillo last summer and are doing very well in their new home town.  Of course there are many friends we like to spend time with there too, as well as friends passing through.  We got to spend a little time with Deb and Rod Kendall when they stopped by on their way to Colorado.  Lynette and Mac McHenry also came through to see their daughter, and we got to meet her when we had lunch with them.

Vickie and Don Crow are our hosts when we stay in Amarillo.  They have a full hook-up RV site on their property, and they invite us to spend our time in town camping at their "resort".  This year they got us hooked on the cable TV series "The Walking Dead".  That's not normally the kind of show I like, but after the first two episodes, I was hooked.  We ended up watching every episode of all 3 seasons on their Apple TV set up.  Fun!  Now we're waiting with everyone else for Season 4!

Today was our travel day; we got started a little after 8:00 this morning heading north to Colorado Springs.  We're settling in to our usual spot - the Colorado Springs South KOA in Fountain - right between the interstate and railroad tracks!  Even though there are other campground options in the area, none are as convenient as this location, so we keep coming back.  All we know right now is there are new managers this year, so I'm not sure what changes might have taken place over the past year since we were here, but it looks pretty much the same.  I think we've got a pretty decent site this year, at the end of a row, not too close to the interstate.

We'll be here for the month of June.  If you're coming through the area, give us a shout.  We need to be in Gillette, Wyoming on June 27 to get ready for the Escapees' Escapade - I'll be teaching beginning line dance and Jim will be helping with transportation.  While we're here, I hope to do some line dancing, and we also have a lot of friends and family to see.