Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Wish

As we all prepare to celebrate the magic of Christmas, a song by Rascal Flatts from their album entitled “Me and My Gang” expresses perfectly how Jim and I feel about all of our family and friends.  It’s not really a Christmas song, but it seems to fit today and we wanted to share it with you:

“My Wish” (Steve Robson, Jeffrey Steele)

I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow,

And each road leads you where you want to go.

And if you’re faced with the choice and you have to choose,

I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.

And if one door opens to another door closed,

I hope you keep on walkin’ till you find the window.

If it’s cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile.

But more than anything, more than anything,

My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to.

Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small,

You never need to carry more than you can hold.

And while you’re out there gettin’ where you’re gettin to,

I hope you know somebody loves you and wants the same things too,

Yeah, this is my wish.

I hope you never look back but you never forget

All the ones who love you and the place you left.

I hope you always forgive and you never regret,

And you help somebody every chance you get.

Oh, you find God’s grace in every mistake,

And always give more than you take.

This is my wish.

I hope you know somebody loves you!

We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It’s Winter!

ellie 008 We’ve passed the winter solstice, which means that we will soon celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, and then start the march towards Spring.   I love being where we are, being together, our quiet days and slower pace.  But I also miss family and all the chaos that goes along with the busy times.  We will celebrate Christmas day with our friends who live in the area, and their family, after we have our own celebration here.

Jim is progressing quite well after his major dental ordeal.  He is up to eating soft foods, trying a few more things every day to see how he tolerates chewing.  The long healing process has begun, and as he heals, he will be making frequent trips to the dentist office for adjustments to the temporary denture, until he and the dentist figure he’s ready for the step of finalizing the implants.  At that point we can be on our way.

Jasmine had a visit to the veterinarian to get a quick check-up and  renew a medication she takes.  The vet noticed her paws have a dark brown staining to them, and suggested she has some kind of allergy.  At first she thought it might be something outside, but when we discussed the fact that we move all the time, it may come down to her dog food.  Of course, there is an alternative food, just that it’s about twice as costly as her already expensive prescription food.  There’s always something!   While she and I were out, we did some Christmas shopping for her and Mr. BoJangles.  She helped pick out her own Christmas presents, but we put them away when we got home and I think she’s forgotten about them for the moment.

I got my eyes checked and found that my prescription has changed a bit. I’ve picked out new frames and should get my new glasses in a few weeks.

We’ve been enjoying beautiful, sunny and warm weather, so I’ve had a chance to visit the outside hot tub and soak up some sun.  Today we got a turn at a few rain showers, just to even out some of the bad weather in many parts of the country, a reminder that it is winter, even here.

Tomorrow is my weekly Weight Watchers meeting and a last shopping trip before the Christmas celebration.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three Years and Counting

 Ellie 010 A storm was coming.  The weather people were promising a big one.  It was December of 2006 and we had planned to spend Christmas in California, followed by the winter in Arizona.  We already pretty much knew we would be going fulltime in our 2004 Fleetwood Bounder motor home, just not all the details of how and when we were going to make that transition.  But meanwhile, we had signed up for the Good Sam Club’s annual Rose Parade Samboree in Pasadena, and my sister and brother in law also had signed up.

With the storm coming, we decided to try and beat it, so we left Colorado Springs a day earlier than originally planned, packed up the motor home, closed up the house, and hit the road on December 17, 2006, one day ahead of a massive storm that ended up causing Denver International Airport to close down for the first time.  We beat the 3 feet of snow that hit Albuquerque the day after we drove through there.

We made it to Arizona in early January.  We settled in to our RV site at the Meridian RV park in Apache Junction and planned our official launch to a life as full time RVers as we floated around in the heated swimming pool there.  In March of 2007, we made our way back to Colorado Springs and parked the motor home next to our house.  We never moved back into the house, however, choosing instead to live in the motor home parked next to it while we readied the house for sale.  Once it was on the market, it sold to the first person who looked at the first morning it was listed.

So, what have we done, what have we learned, what would we do differently, and what are our future plans, now that we’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary as full timers?

We’ve never had a formal plan to our travels, choosing instead to take things as they come.  Some people have a goal to visit all of our national parks, or to visit each state, or any number of objectives for their travel.  We want to see and experience things as we learn about fascinating places and people to see.  In our travels, we’ve visited 30 states, 28 of those in our new, 2008 Tiffin Phaeton, which we purchased in March of ‘08.  We’ve made more friends than we ever dreamed we would, thanks to the wonder of the internet and blogging.  That’s something we really didn’t expect, but are extremely happy about.  As a result of some of our new friendships, we took a nearly spontaneous trip to Mexico early in 2008 with two other couples.  We’ve spent many months traveling with other people, and some on our own too.

We’ve learned a lot about the various cultures within this amazing country.  We  love and appreciate each different area and culture for different reasons.  The South is amazing, it’s people so open and friendly and welcoming!  The West, with it’s wide open spaces and endless sky, provide a rugged individualistic perspective to life.  The culture is definitely different from the South, but still the people we’ve met have been friendly and helpful.

We’ve learned to be a lot more relaxed in our approach to traveling, and we no longer have a tendency to panic at the least problem or challenge we encounter.  We’ve learned to slow down and really take one day at a time.  We have learned to be flexible.  In our working days, our travel time was always pretty limited to a week or two of vacation, so we always wanted to drive as far as we could each day to make the most of our time once we got to our destination.  Now, we can decide how slow or how fast we want to travel.  We don’t have a rule about how far or how fast, it just depends.

The most important thing we’ve learned is to cherish every day, every experience.  We know that life can and does change in an instant, so each moment of each day it’s so important to live to the fullest.  The other most important thing we’ve learned is to appreciate our friends and our family.  This lifestyle provides us an incredible opportunity to connect and reconnect with people who are precious to us.  The flip side of that is we are not always within easy distance from those we love, and we often find ourselves missing them!

What would we do differently?  I’m not sure there’s anything we would do differently.  Sure, some things have been a little uncomfortable, like being in a chilly area at Christmas time, but if we’d done that differently, we wouldn’t have had the experiences we did.  We might have stayed a little late in Oregon this year, but then again, we saw the most incredible and amazing waves during a late fall storm.  So, to say that we would do anything differently seems to me to take away from the beauty and joy of what we have done.

Now, what are our plans for the future?  We plan to continue to take things a day at a time, cherish each experience as it happens and keep on keeping on.  Right now, our plan is to sit tight while Jim heals from his dental work.  Once we’ve got the all clear from his dentist,  we may still head to Arizona for whatever is left of the winter.  We still hope to connect with friends and family there.  As to plans for Spring, Summer, or beyond, that’s anyone’s guess at this point.  We will, of course, be spending some time in Colorado Springs with family and friends there. We’ll get our usual medical matters taken care of at that time, and then be on our way, to – well, wherever!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Like Old Times

We so enjoyed our visiting with Dortha, Mark, Deb and Rod!  It seemed a little like old times.  Since time goes by so fast these days, just a few months ago is “old times!”  Early Monday morning when I last posted, we had storm warnings for the day.  We met the gang at their motel and decided to go ahead to Balboa Park and see about the museums.  It was raining, but not too hard, and the wind wasn’t blowing.  Jim and I decided not to take our cameras, so we’ll have to go back and take pictures of the park on another, hopefully sunnier, day.

When we got to the park, we found out we had to park quite a ways away from the visitor’s center, so we had a nice walk in the rain.  We decided to visit just one museum, since it was already after 11 by the time we got there, and we knew it would take a few hours to go through just one, although there are at least 15 museums there! The consensus was to visit the Natural History Museum, which is currently has an exhibit on Darwin.  That was extremely interesting, and I learned a lot about how he came to the conclusion that we are all descended from the same ancestor.  It was interesting to read about his life and studies.

After our visit to the museum, we decided on lunch at a Mexican Restaurant (of course!) at a place in historic Old Town.  That was delicious and fun!  Jim and I headed back to the Castle, and the others joined us a little later for happy hour.  By late afternoon, however, the storm really came in strong, and for awhile, it was nearly like a hurricane.  We all took it in stride, though, and enjoyed our time together.

On Tuesday, with cloudy skies, but no rain in the forecast,  Deb and Rod went to meet a family member for lunch, so Dortha, Mark, Jim and I headed to downtown San Diego for a little sightseeing and lunch.  We went to another historic area of San Diego, the Gaslamp District:

Ellie 007_1

Where we chose to eat lunch at Dick’s Last Resort:

Ellie 002_1

They must have sensed some of us are sloppy eaters, since they gave us all bibs!

Ellie 004

After lunch, we walked over to the convention center and on to Sea Port Village where there are many little shops, which we browsed through, looking for a few Christmas gifts.  The chosen evening activity was to  meet everyone at the Sycuan Casino after Jim and I checked on the dogs.  We played a few slots before enjoying a “free” buffet dinner.  My winnings almost evened out Jim’s losses, and we had a great time.

All too soon it was time to say our “see ya’s” to Dortha, Mark, Deb, and Rod.  It was a fun, but way too quick visit with them!  They went their separate ways yesterday, and we will miss them!

We heard from Laurie and Odel, through Facebook, that they were considering a day trip to Santee to check out this location for a possible future stay.  So, yesterday afternoon, they stopped by for a few minutes while they were taking a look at this area.  It was good to reconnect with them one more time as well.

We’re now back in “routine” mode, with enjoying this area and the (usually) beautiful weather.   I think tomorrow may be the day I get out the Christmas decorations and start preparing for the upcoming holidays!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Settling In

Finding our way around town, settling in to our new site at Santee Lakes, dentist visits (for me too), going for long walks around the campground and taking care of business have occupied us for the past week.

This is our new "corner lot”:

Ellie 002

And some views around our little neighborhood, starting with one of the picnic areas near a small, man-made stream that runs through the campground:

Ellie 003_1

This is one section of the walking trail that winds its way all around the campgrounds.  There are pet stations at several locations on the trail, with bags and trash cans provided. The walk around the entire campground perimeter is a little over 1.5 miles.

Ellie 008

I attended my new, “regular” Weight Watchers meeting and received an acknowledgement of being a Lifetime member at goal for the past 10 months.  Has it really been that long?  Weight Watchers awards a keychain when you reach a goal of losing 10% of your starting weight.  After that, awards are charms to add to the keychain.  This year, they have started awarding a key charm to people who have maintained their goal weight over the long haul.

On Friday night we attended a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert at the San Diego Sports Arena.  We first saw this musical extravaganza in Colorado Springs a few years ago, and I just loved them.  When we found that they would be here, we immediately ordered tickets for it.  We went early and did some shopping and had a great dinner at Olive Garden before the concert.

Saturday night we joined a friend and her family at a local Christmas parade in Encinitas.  We  had a great time enjoying their grandchildren watching the parade.  We followed that up with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

Yesterday brought a very special treat!  Dortha and Mark, plus Deb and Rod, decided to make a quick trip here for a gathering.  Dortha and Mark flew in from Fort Worth, and Deb and Rod drove their truck while their 5th wheel is getting some repair work done.  They are all staying at a nearby motel and we hope to get some fun in for the next couple of days, although today the weather isn’t being very cooperative, with a big winter storm bringing a lot of rain.  We’ll still enjoy time together, no matter what.

We fixed dinner for everyone last evening and had a great time getting caught up with all the news since we have seen each other.

Mark and Dortha:

Ellie 029

Deb and Rod, all visiting through dinner:

Ellie 028

We’re just now getting ready to meet them at their motel and see what the day holds, besides lots of rain!

Monday, November 30, 2009

In the Blink of an Eye…

Ellie 005 That’s the phrase that kept playing in my mind today as I stood in the dentist’s treatment room, while the dentist described to Jim and me the extent of the work that needs to be done, and soon, on Jim’s teeth.  Time-consuming and expensive.  But necessary!  So, in the blink of an eye, our plans have taken a pretty drastic turn. 

Instead of staying here at Santee Lakes until the beginning of January and then going to Arizona, we’ll settle in here for the duration, which could be four months or more. Due to the way they handle reservations here, this will mean we’ll move sites several times, but at least we’ll be staying in the same park instead of having to find a different park in the same area. 

Our first move took place this afternoon, and was planned before we knew we’d be staying on here for awhile.  Our new site is much larger, and is on the end of a row, which means we’ll only have a neighbor on one side.  The patio side of the Castle faces East, so we’ll have afternoon shade, and we have a nice, large patio area.  We are further away from the lakes, but it’s just a short walk to to them.

Even though we won’t be traveling for awhile, there is plenty to do around here in the way of exploring, and now that we know what’s ahead for the next few months, we’ll be planning some day trips.

Life is always interesting!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

We Give Thanks

Ellie 009_1 This is the day we set aside, not only to enjoy the re-creation of the pilgrims’ survival and first harvests, but to reflect upon the many blessings of our lives.

Today, we did not spend face time with our families or friends, but through the accomplishment of technology, we were able to talk to our relatives and friends.  We are grateful for all the techno-geeks who make that possible!  Oh, yes, and the wonder of television, which makes it possible for me to sleep through countless football games, and Jim to sleep through all my favorite TV shows.

We’re grateful for our health, and the health of our loved ones.  We appreciate the friendships we’ve grown through our time on the road, and wish all of our friends and family a blessed holiday season.

We both outdid ourselves with our celebration meal today, Jim put a turkey breast on his gas grill and let it slow “smoke” for a couple of hours, while we watched carefully and enjoyed an early happy hour.

While the turkey breast finished cooking in the oven, I provided the sides, with such traditional items as green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry relish, and acorn squash.  All of our meal was Weight Watchers friendly, including the crustless pumpkin pie we enjoyed for dessert.

Yes, it’s a great day, and we give thanks!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Savoring Santee Lakes

Ellie 015 We are getting our bearings in the neighborhood and enjoying the heck out of the sunshine and warm weather here at Santee Lakes. The above picture is the view just in front of us, and is Lake #7.  With all of the walking trails throughout the park, I could walk for a long time and still not make it all the way around all 7 lakes.  Good thing we’ll be here several weeks!  We will have a move while we’re here, since we came in earlier than we originally planned, our site wasn’t yet available, so we will be in this one until December 1, when we move to our originally reserved site.  That one is not near the lakes, but it is a much bigger space, so we will still enjoy ourselves.

I have started getting caught up on a few items, I got Jim’s hair cut.  Then I cut my hair and got a pedicure.  I still have both dogs to groom, but that will get done either Friday or Saturday, no sense getting in a rush!  People sometimes ask me about cutting my own hair.  After about a year or so on the road, and getting mostly bad haircuts at a cost of anywhere from $15 to $50 each, I figured out that if I was going to get a bad haircut anyway, I could give myself my own bad haircut for free.  I’ve got it pretty well down now, and I can do a fair job.  Now, a pedicure, well that’s a different story!  I don’t mind a bit paying to have a pedicure, and I get more good ones than bad ones.  The one I got yesterday was especially good!

We’ve found a couple of grocery stores and got our supplies in for Thanksgiving.  It will be just the two of us, so we’re keeping things pretty simple this year.  We also have no plans to go out and about from tomorrow on through the weekend! 

A dental visit is in order for each of us, and we took care of locating a local dentist on our plan, and getting appointments set up for next week.  Next on our list is to get our eyes checked while we’re here.

We did take a few more pictures around the campground.  This is our site, you can just see the Castle nestled under the big pine tree.  I was surprised that we got a satellite signal, but it came right in.


Ellie 003

This is another view from the front of our site:

Ellie 001

And one of the resident coots:

Ellie 014

This morning on my walk with the dogs, we saw 9 snowy egrets, 1 great egret and a great blue heron, in addition to all of the various ducks.  If I could identify birds by their sounds, I could list a lot more, there are many different species of birds here.

Yes, it’s a good life.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Journey to Southern California

The week in Sacramento was filled with getting caught up in several areas. The first, and certainly a lot of fun, was reconnecting with 3 of my nieces who live in that area. I had two brothers, and these are some of their offspring. We met Kristin and her son Zack, and Shana and her husband, Lee and their 2 daughters Jessica and Erin for dinner on Saturday night. Then on Tuesday night, Celeste and her husband Sean and their sons Austin and Hayden, along with Kristin and Shana and their families, all came to the Castle for a pizza party. Below are some of the pictures we took:

Shana, me, and Kristin at dinner:

Ellie 031

Kristin, me, and Celeste at the Pizza party:

Ellie 020_1

The whole gang, Kristin, Zack, Jessica, Erin, Shana, Lee, Austin, Celeste, Hayden and Sean:

Ellie 011

Twelve people and 2 dogs in the Castle worked out just fine, and we had a great time visiting!

Wednesday night was Zack’s first band concert at his school, and he invited us all to go. What a great experience! Zach plays the trumpet in the beginning middle school band, and they really are quite good. We stayed for the advanced band and jazz band, and I can honestly say that this is one of the best school bands we’ve ever heard, especially for a middle school. Thanks for inviting, us, Zack!

We also got caught up with some of the regular things like cleaning, laundry, grocery and other shopping. I got my blood work done while we were there. I enjoyed walking along the American River trail that runs just behind the campground. At CalExpo RV Park, we were right next to the harness racing track, so every morning when I walked with the dogs, we got to watch the horses exercising. That was a lot of fun for Mr. BoJangles, who thought he ought to be out on the track chasing them!

More enjoyment came along when we got together with Laurie and Odel, who were also staying at CalExpo Rv Park. In fact, it was Laurie’s campground review that helped us decide to stay there. They come to Sacramento each year to visit family and get caught up on their regular things. We finally caught up with them on Thursday evening when we went with them to their favorite local Mexican restaurant, Ernesto’s. Then we invited them over for Happy Hour on Friday evening.

The weather was great most of the week, with just a couple of cool days. We enjoyed the time there, but of course, feel like we need to go back to really explore. But Saturday morning at “dark-thirty”, it was time to get back on the road and point the Castle south. We pulled out of CalExpo right at 7:15 a.m. in fog so thick that Laurie commented on Facebook she couldn’t tell if we’d left yet when she looked at about that time!

We got out of the fog bank around Stockton, and from there, the first part of the trip south on Interstate 5 looked like this:

Ellie 021

Then we started up “The Grapevine”:

Ellie 024

And got to the summit of “Tejon Pass” (aka The Grapevine):

Ellie 026

Coming down the other side:

Ellie 038

We traveled 351 miles in 7 hours with 9.6 mpg. We spent the night in Castaic and got up early to get across LA on a Sunday morning. I studied our route and decided that I-5 to I-405 through LA, then CA 73 (Toll Road) back to I-5 to I-805 and CA 52 to Santee would be the best way. We were on the road at 6:30 this morning for a 170 mile trip and pulled into Santee Lakes (east of San Diego) just after 10 am, and got 9.2 mpg.

Daybreak on I-5 South:

Ellie 046

The San Diego Toll road (CA 73) with NO TRAFFIC:

Ellie 051

Our drive through LA was totally non-eventful. The traffic was very light and we maintained a speed between 58 and 65 mph all the way across. I discovered a web site sigalert, a few days ago that shows the traffic congestion (green, yellow, or red) and it showed green (no problems) all the way through the cities.

Arriving at Santee Lakes:

Ellie 056 The road to the campground area:

Ellie 058

This campground is part of the Padre Dam/Santee Lakes Recreational Area. It’s an operation of the Padre Dam Municipal Water District and has been created to “demonstrate the promise of water recycling”. There are 7 lakes here, in an area designed for day use. There are bike and walking trails as well as fishing and birding opportunities and picnic areas. The campground area is next to the lakes. We’ll be here for the next several weeks, so I will be posting more pictures as I get to know the area. I already know I like it here, so far!

Friday, November 13, 2009

If It’s Friday, This Must Be California

Where did the week go!  All of a sudden, it’s Friday, and we’re in another state.  But, to catch up with the events of the week…

First, Mr. BoJangles, our 9 year old, black, miniature schnauzer had an appointment to have his teeth cleaned on Tuesday.  He had a bad “slab fracture” on one of his back molars, and that had to come out.  The vet said it was a difficult extraction, so we had to keep a close eye on him for a couple of days.  He had to be fed only soft food, and had a couple of medications to take.  Thankfully, he seems to be back to his old self, eating his regular food and doing fine!

Also on Tuesday, while Mr. BJ was at the vet, we took Jasmine and went to the beach for a walk:

Jim 015 .

While we were at the beach, I did a little Geocaching.  This is a fun activity to do with a hand-held GPS unit.  If you’re not familiar with the sport, you can learn about it at the linked website.  Below, Jasmine is keeping a close eye on what I’ve found in the cache (just in case there’s anything there she would like):

Jim 028

  Later on, when we had both dogs back home, we had a campfire and sat outside to watch the sunset:

Jim 047

Jim 037

Wednesday morning we went to North Bend so Jim could go to Walmart while I was at the Weight Watchers meeting.  After our errands, we went back home and started preparing for travel.

The decision was made to leave on Thursday morning, so at 7:00 – yes, that’s A.M. – we pulled out of Winchester Bay RV Resort for our journey.

We took Oregon 38 and 138 from Reedsport over to I-5 and saw some beautiful fall colors along the way:

Ellie 007

But wait a minute!  What the heck -

Ellie 014

Yes, that is snow – just near the top of Siskiyou Summit, 4,013’ – we drove through a snow storm.  Thankfully, it didn’t last long because we were going downhill in a hurry:

Ellie 015

And soon, we came to a welcome sign:

Ellie 019

And the snow was where it belongs, up on a mountain.  The clouds let us have this quick glimpse of Mount Shasta before it was covered up again:

Ellie 027

We made it to Redding, CA, by around 3:00 and got settled in to our site at JGW RV Park on the south end of town.  This is a great overnight stop.  It was just a little more expensive than we like to spend for an overnight, but it was well worth it when we found out we could wash the rig there.  It sure needed it after a month and a half on the Oregon coast, and the trip through the snow storm!  Our travel day was 328 miles in 7 and a half hours, and we averaged 8 mpg. 

This morning, after we got the Castle and Saturn all cleaned and shining, we left Redding a little after 10.  Our travel day today was easy – 160 miles south on I-5, 9.9 mpg and about 3 hours to the Cal Expo RV Park in Sacramento.  Our thanks to Laurie and Odel, (Semi-True Tales) for their review of this park.  It’s easy to get to, relatively inexpensive, considering that it’s in a California city, and will work just fine for our time here.  I have my regular blood test to have done, and we have several nieces here to visit with, we’ll be here for a week before continuing our southbound journey.

I’ve been asked about my camera, so here are some notes about our cameras, since both Jim and I provide the pictures for this blog.  I just replaced my Canon Rebel Xti with a Canon Rebel Xsi, 12.2 megapixels, and an 18-200 mm wide angle lens.  Jim has a Canon 50D 15 megapixels, with a 28–135 mm lens.  We take a lot of pictures to get a few that are really good, but we love to use these cameras.

And one more note about our lives on the road.  When we first started out (almost 3 years ago), we used paper maps and the Microsoft Streets & Trips without a GPS to find our way around.  I remember every time we’d get to a new town, I’d be nervous and uncertain.  Then we got the GPS version of MS Streets & Trips, and started using Google Earth with the street-level view feature to plan our routes and find places.  I can’t begin to tell you how much easier it is for us now that we use these tools.  I can look ahead at rv parks, truck stops, routes and city streets to make it easier for us to get around and feel more comfortable about our travel days.  Life is good!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Monday


Ellie 058 If any of you follow the weather news, you might have noticed that there was a tornado in Lincoln City, Oregon, last Friday.  It came on shore near Roads End, which was where we did a lot of beach walking.  We’re sure glad we’d already moved 100 miles south!

It rained here off and on all weekend, so not much was happening here, other than quick walks and a lot of football.  I’d hoped to walk the local beach this morning at low tide to see what the storms might have left us, but it was raining again, so I decided to forget that for today.

Jim wanted to go to a laundromat in Florence (about 20 miles north of us) today, and I decided to go with him instead of staying home to clean.  I wanted to visit a local quilt shop there and look at fabric.  Once the laundry was done, we went to lunch and did a little shopping in the local “Old Town” area of Florence.  Then we visited the Fred Meyer store and bought a few groceries before heading home.

This is our last week on the Oregon coast, it’s time to move to a warmer, drier climate.  We still have a few tasks to complete here, including a teeth cleaning appointment for Mr. Bo Jangles tomorrow.  I’m also hoping we can make a day trip a little further south, as far as Bandon, but we’ll see how that works out.  Weather will play a big part in our decision, as we do have some mountains we need to navigate.

When will we leave?  Which way will we go?  Stay tuned, we’ll all find out soon!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Walk on the Wild Side, or Why We’re Still in Oregon

We’ve been watching the weather forecasts pretty closely, noticing that there’s a high surf warning in effect this weekend, with rain and  high wind probabilities around 80 – 100%.  I found a regional publication online that suggested going to Shore Acres State Park near Coos Bay and staying away from the beaches from today through Sunday morning, since the swells could be as high as 35’.

So, this morning, I got out for my usual walk with the dogs, thinking that the clouds would arrive soon and bring the rain.  When we got back from the walk, I put a beef stew in the crockpot and we packed up a snack bag, loaded the dogs and our snacks in the car and headed out south towards Coos Bay.  The predicted rain still had not materialized, so we kept our fingers crossed that we could find a good spot to watch the high waves without getting soaked by rain.

We found the state park and – well – I don’t know how to convey what we saw.  Unfortunately, pictures really don’t show the awesome power of the show put on by Mother Nature today, but without actually being here, I guess these will have to do.

Can you see the lighthouse in the background?  Yes, the waves were really that high:

Ellie 019 

I wish you could really see that these rock cliffs are very high, but were dwarfed by the size of the waves crashing against them:

Jim 044


Jim 088

We found a beautiful walking trail through the woods that reminded us of the Hoh Rain forest:

Ellie 099

We walked through the forest, which led to another amazing view at the edge of the cliffs:

Ellie 057

Where the waves just exploded:

Ellie 085

We found some colorful mushrooms:

Ellie 061

Then made our way back through the forest:

Jim 090

And got one more look at the lighthouse with the wild surf in the foreground:

Jim 036

Before we finally decided to move on. We then parked near a beach where we sat in the car and watched the waves for a while longer.  At one point the waves crashed over the sidewalk at the edge of the beach area right into the parking lot where we sat.  However, the rain stayed away!

We got home to a wonderful meal and the task of sorting through a couple hundred pictures, trying to find just a few to share!

Stay tuned, we still have another day or so of the high surf warning!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life is Good

This hasn’t been a day filled with exciting adventure.  In the sense of activity, it’s been a rather ordinary day.  However, this day has been filled with something far more valuable and important – a sense of wellness, and of the incredible beauty and wonder of where we are, who we are, and our ability to recognize how special that all is.

What did we do? Figured out some financial matters, some travel matters and technical tidbits.  We went exploring and out for lunch.  Then we came home.  Now, in all that, let me see if I can convey, through our pictures, a little bit of the magic.

Starting with where we left off yesterday, going from sunset to moonrise:

Ellie 011

Ellie 020

To waves crashing on the rocks:

Ellie 047

Our footprints as we walked together on the beach:

Jim 030

And discovered an unbroken sand dollar:

Jim 022

And watched a surfer catch a wave:

Jim 031

While we felt the wind blowing through the grass on the dunes:

Ellie 055 

And experienced the calm peace of the harbor:

Ellie 074

Yes, it’s been a special day.  Thanks for joining us.