Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moving Along

A couple of nice, relaxing days in Chimicum wrapped up our time there.  On Sunday, we made one last trip to Poulson to shop at Central Market and Walmart.  While we were shopping in the Central Market, the skies opened up and a terrific rain storm soaked the area.  It didn’t bother us much, we just kept shopping!

On Labor Day, we all attended the barbeque put on by the SKP Park.  It was great fun and we enjoyed the time there.

Today was travel day.  We had an appointment with the park to get propane first thing this morning, and then we rolled the Castle on down the road.

A last look at the Olympic Range:

Ellie 017

We passed the beautiful Crescent Lake one more time:

Ellie 040_1

Our trip today was comparatively short, just a shade under 100 miles, to the little town of Forks, Washington, of the Twilight books and movie fame.

Jim 042_1 This little town has really capitalized on the publicity, with Twilight souvenirs all over town, and reminders just about on every business, including the Forks 101 RV Park, where we’re staying for 2 nights.  We had two purposes in visiting Forks, the first was to visit the locations featured in the books and movie, because Robin, our daughter, is a fan and wanted us to take pictures and send her any kind of souvenir we can.  The other reason is to visit the Hoh Rainforest, which is part of Olympic National Park.  Oh, and, this is not far from the Pacific Coast,  we can get a little ocean visit in.

When we got here and got set up, Rod and Deb were not far behind.  They’ve decided to travel with the 4 of us for a while before they move along to Salt Lake City.  Once we were all set up, Dortha called us in for lunch, a chicken salad she’d made.

After lunch, the 6 of us piled into the Jeep and started off.  The first stop was the visitor’s center, where we picked up information on the self-guided Twilight tour.  We started the tour by going out to Rialto Beach and LaPush.

Jim 027

Back in town, we made all the required stops along the Twilight tour and took pictures for Robin.  For all the Twilight fans, I will just say that I’ve seen the movie, but have not read the books.  The places that are featured around town are not the same as the ones in the movie, maybe they more closely resemble the book.

After the tour, we all gathered back at the RV Park for happy hour and a wonderful dinner of pork chops that Dortha prepared in her crockpot today.

Tomorrow we’ll visit the rainforest, and yes, there is rain in the forecast!

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