Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Monday


Ellie 058 If any of you follow the weather news, you might have noticed that there was a tornado in Lincoln City, Oregon, last Friday.  It came on shore near Roads End, which was where we did a lot of beach walking.  We’re sure glad we’d already moved 100 miles south!

It rained here off and on all weekend, so not much was happening here, other than quick walks and a lot of football.  I’d hoped to walk the local beach this morning at low tide to see what the storms might have left us, but it was raining again, so I decided to forget that for today.

Jim wanted to go to a laundromat in Florence (about 20 miles north of us) today, and I decided to go with him instead of staying home to clean.  I wanted to visit a local quilt shop there and look at fabric.  Once the laundry was done, we went to lunch and did a little shopping in the local “Old Town” area of Florence.  Then we visited the Fred Meyer store and bought a few groceries before heading home.

This is our last week on the Oregon coast, it’s time to move to a warmer, drier climate.  We still have a few tasks to complete here, including a teeth cleaning appointment for Mr. Bo Jangles tomorrow.  I’m also hoping we can make a day trip a little further south, as far as Bandon, but we’ll see how that works out.  Weather will play a big part in our decision, as we do have some mountains we need to navigate.

When will we leave?  Which way will we go?  Stay tuned, we’ll all find out soon!


Debbie Goode said...

I hope all goes well with Mr Bo Jangles teeth cleaning. Poor little Belle had to have 3 teeth pulled before we started our journey south. She is doing fine now. Just love those furballs!

squawmama said...

Good Morning Ellie & Jim... Your time in Oregon has been wonderful and I can't wait to visit a lot of the places you have... We need to get our little Tiffy's teeth done too... I am afraid she may need a few pulled since her breath is deadly. LOL Have a safe & FUNtastic day! Donna

Margie M. said...

I may be too late with this suggestion...but down in Bandon, Oregon check out the Misty Meadows roadside store. It has the most wonderful jams, jellies, and lots of good stuff. We found them back in the early 90's when it truly was just a tiny shack on the highway selling a few jams. Now it is a nice little store with a lot of inventory. Really worth the stop.

Speedy said...

Well I tell you I would not be too happy with that 6 miles of 6% grade to go down. I don't mind going up...but that is a different story. I think I will find flatter routes for us.