Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It’s Winter!

ellie 008 We’ve passed the winter solstice, which means that we will soon celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, and then start the march towards Spring.   I love being where we are, being together, our quiet days and slower pace.  But I also miss family and all the chaos that goes along with the busy times.  We will celebrate Christmas day with our friends who live in the area, and their family, after we have our own celebration here.

Jim is progressing quite well after his major dental ordeal.  He is up to eating soft foods, trying a few more things every day to see how he tolerates chewing.  The long healing process has begun, and as he heals, he will be making frequent trips to the dentist office for adjustments to the temporary denture, until he and the dentist figure he’s ready for the step of finalizing the implants.  At that point we can be on our way.

Jasmine had a visit to the veterinarian to get a quick check-up and  renew a medication she takes.  The vet noticed her paws have a dark brown staining to them, and suggested she has some kind of allergy.  At first she thought it might be something outside, but when we discussed the fact that we move all the time, it may come down to her dog food.  Of course, there is an alternative food, just that it’s about twice as costly as her already expensive prescription food.  There’s always something!   While she and I were out, we did some Christmas shopping for her and Mr. BoJangles.  She helped pick out her own Christmas presents, but we put them away when we got home and I think she’s forgotten about them for the moment.

I got my eyes checked and found that my prescription has changed a bit. I’ve picked out new frames and should get my new glasses in a few weeks.

We’ve been enjoying beautiful, sunny and warm weather, so I’ve had a chance to visit the outside hot tub and soak up some sun.  Today we got a turn at a few rain showers, just to even out some of the bad weather in many parts of the country, a reminder that it is winter, even here.

Tomorrow is my weekly Weight Watchers meeting and a last shopping trip before the Christmas celebration.

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