Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Share Our Day with Special People

Gosh, it’s been awhile since we got to spend time with any of our RV Dreamer Friends.  But today, Rollie and Gina (All Because Two People Fell in Love) finally got to come and visit.  We’d planned to get together with them last week, but the rain had other ideas for us all.

They have been staying at Camp Pendleton while their son, Thomas is here.  They picked him up at 29 Palms and brought him here, where he is stationed for the time being.  Rollie has been very busy installing all the wiring for their new solar system, but today they took time out from testing the system to drive down here to Santee to spend the day with us.

We’d originally planned to eat out at Olive Garden, but then I decided it would be just as fun and more healthy for us to eat here.  So Jim and I planned the menu which ended up being beef kabobs, coleslaw, “Clayton’s Beans” and a new recipe from a book Dortha gave me for Christmas.  The book is a Weight Watchers cookbook on grilling, and the recipe is for S’mores Brownies.  Yes, really!

We had a beautiful day for a visit and had the patio all set up and ready:

Ellie 004

When Rollie and Gina arrived in their big truck, which, by the way, generated some interest from the neighbors!

Ellie 018

Jim grilled the beef kabobs that Gina helped me skewer:

Ellie 007_1

Then we visited and laughed as we swapped stories:

Ellie 009_1

Time to get into those S’mores Brownies, really?  Weight Watchers?

Ellie 013

After a very fun day, it was about time for them to face the traffic on the way back up to Camp Pendleton.  We took a couple more pictures:

Ellie 017

Before sending these very special people back to their home on wheels:

Ellie 020

With promises that we’ll see each other again soon, either here or “somewhere down the road”!


The Haman's said...

You both are very special couples to us. Enough with all that. Where's the recipe, the smore's look yummy!

Mark and Dortha said...

So much fun! Could you send me the leftover brownies...guess not, so sharing the recipe would be okay.

Speedy said...

Gina and Rollie are great friends. I am so glad that you got to spend some time with them. We are counting the days that we will be free to see everyone.