Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Days

We are getting things checked off the “must do” list before we leave the Pikes Peak Region this coming Monday. The solar panels are installed and have passed their first test. Our medical, dental and vision needs have been taken care of. The Castle has been polished and we’ve cleaned out and organized much of our “stuff”. Our phones have been updated and we can (usually!) manage to answer and make phone calls.

While Jim was visiting with his friends on Tuesday, I took the opportunity to run my own errands and get a much-needed pedicure. I also took the dog’s recent shot records to their “regular” vet’s office so they can keep their records updated. When I left that office, it was with a rather costly bag of regular medications we use for them! Flea & Tick med, Heartworm med, and Jasmine’s med are not cheap. But we’re set for the next 6 months so that's ok, they are worth it!

In between all of these activities, we’ve had time to have some fun, too. Yesterday we had a special opportunity to get together with fellow full-timers, Ed and Marilyn. We’ve followed each other’s blogs for quite a long time, and met each other in person 2 years ago at the RV-Dreams rally in Branson, MO. They come to Colorado during the summer to enjoy the beautiful climate here, but we missed their arrival last year, we were gone just a little while before they arrived. This year they’re here a little earlier, so we made plans to have lunch together. We met them at a Safeway Grocery parking lot so they could leave their truck while we drove to the downtown area. We went to one of our favorites: Jose Muldoon’s where we sat on the patio to enjoy our meal:

Ellie 001

It was at least a couple of hours later after a great meal and wonderful conversation that I thought about the parking meter – luckily, we beat the “meter maid” and didn’t get a ticket, even though our meter was expired! We weren’t ready to say farewell to these good people, so we took them on an informal, mini-tour around town, pointing out some of my personal history in the area. We ended up over in “Old Colorado City” (known to me as “the West Side”), at Jim’s all-time favorite store, The Barbeque Mercantile. While Jim was browsing (read drooling) through all the wonderful barbeque tools and temptations, I visited with the shop’s owner. They have a wall sculpture of Michael Garman’s work hanging behind the register. I’d heard his gallery, featuring Magic Town” had closed due to his failing health, so I asked the owner about it. She told me that Mr. Garman’s health has improved, and his gallery is still open.

One topic that came up during the afternoon was things to do in the region. I asked our friends if they have been to Bishop’s Castle yet, and they said they had not. So, for their information, and for anyone else who might be interested, here is a link to some information about this most interesting and unusual place, located near Wetmore, Colorado along Highway 165. It’s been several years since we visited, time just seems to get away from us here. But, it is definitely worth a visit, and the drive getting there is beautiful.

After a fun afternoon, it was time to part company with Marilyn and Ed, at least for this visit. We know we will see them again down the road, and meantime we’ll be in touch through our blogs and Facebook. Meantime we wish them safe and happy travels!

Before we leave, we still have more visits with friends and family scheduled, and a short list of more “must do’s”. And we’re still enjoying each and every day!


Mark and Dortha said...

We see that you too are busy getting those items scratched off of lists and that your count down is under way.

We are busy doing the same.

Glad you are mastering the phones, aren't they fun!

Safe travels and hugs to you both.

CowgirlCreations said...

Thanks for the solar review!! Follow along, we're on the road again :-)