Thursday, July 22, 2010

On The Move Again

Ellie 003_1 “…Turn out the lights, the party’s over…” 

Well, that one is, but there will be more down the road, that’s for sure.  The picture above is east of Amarillo as we made our way along I-40 early this morning.  What a GREAT time we had!  We’ll miss the gang there, but already have plans in the making for the next time through.

Tuesday night we had dinner at Shirley & Mike’s house (Jim’s cousins).  Mike grilled the best steaks!  Shirley made salad and baked potatoes.  It was all so good but we really enjoyed the company best.  Shirley and Mike, thank you for the great times, can’t wait to see you guys again.

Wednesday night the group of friends from Jim’s class once again graced the patio at Ruby Tequila's for live music, good food, happy hour adult beverages, and fun company.   We laughed and enjoyed the last gathering of the 40th reunion crowd.  We called it a night pretty early, though, because we wanted to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for an early departure this morning.

We pulled out of the Amarillo Ranch RV Park right at 7:30 this morning and were soon rolling along I-40 with a tailwind.  It was nice and cool when we left, good traveling weather.  Soon we came to Groom, Texas where this 19 story tall cross stands on the south side of the highway:

Ellie 009

And not far from the cross (reportedly the 2nd largest in the Northern Hemisphere), stands this leaning water tower that was supposedly constructed this way on purpose to catch the attention of travelers so they would stop in Groom:

Ellie 011

The miles rolled by, and the scenery became a little more mundane:

Ellie 014

After about 4 hours of uneventful traveling, we made it to our stop for the night – the Lucky Star Casino at Concho, Oklahoma (a few miles north of El Reno):

Ellie 021

We got settled in to our free site at the “RV Park”:

Ellie 016_1

Then went to the casino to check in with the security desk and get a bite of lunch.  After lunch we just had to try out a couple of penny slot machines.  I came out about $20 ahead after paying for lunch, but Jim lost $40, so I guess we’ve paid for our “free” site!  It’s a great place for an overnight stop, off the main highway, with full hook-ups.  There are about 10 sites here and they are very close together, but that’s ok since it’s free.

With a good tailwind most of the day, our gas mileage, even with the air conditioner running, averaged 9 mpg.  Tomorrow we’re off to Russellville, Arkansas until Monday.  We’re staying at a COE park on the Arkansas River.  Stay tuned for more Justravelin adventures


Anonymous said...

Oh, I already miss the heck out of you guys!!!! Looks like a really good spot for "free". Been just working my little head off today, it's been busy, but that's a good thing. I'm asking for everyone to send me their pictures of the 40th via email so I can compile a picture album. Please send me yours when you get hurry.
Just won't be the same...not having anyone to drink that tequilla with me!!! You'll always be my tequilla buddy! You have inspired me to try weight watchers again. So I'm gonna check into that. Will miss you both so much....I'll let you know how the electrical pole goes on Friday. Love ya! Vickie

Mark and Dortha said...

Glad to see you guys on the move. That means we will see you before too much longer.

Hugs and travel safe.

Janna and Mike said...

Say hello to Arkansas for me!

Karon said...

Safe and happy travels, dear friends. We really enjoyed our time hanging out with you.

Love you and miss you!!