Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Days Roll By in Red Bay

Grand Teton Aug 09 Jim 053 Today’s picture was taken just about 1 year ago in Grand Teton National Park, I thought it might help some of us feel a little cooler!  Our heat index here today got pretty close to 110*.  A thunderstorm late this afternoon brought the humidity up while decreasing the temperature a bit, pretty much of a trade-off.

Several of our friends have commented to us that  they’re not sure they would want a Tiffin product because we seem to spend a lot of time here getting factory service.  It’s true we’ve been here several times, and that we’ve had a couple of major items to be corrected on our 2008 Phaeton motor home.  This time, we’ve found out we had a slide-out seal leak that resulted in water damage to the floor of our front driver’s-side slide out room.  The floor is broken and now must be replaced.  We’re currently waiting our turn in a service bay to have the new floor installed, which will take about a day, once we get into a bay.  We’re grateful we have a factory service facility to come to!  Many RV manufacturers are out of business now, and those folks must find service elsewhere.  Many of the items we’ve come here for are very minor and could have been fixed by either mobile repair trucks or dealers across the country.  We prefer to come to Red Bay because we know we’ll get the best service here.  We also get to meet other Tiffin owners, compare notes, make new friends and enjoy the small town atmosphere here.  We don’t claim that our motor home is the best-built or the highest quality available – we just don’t have unlimited funds to “buy the best”, but we are still very happy with our Castle. We know that Tiffin will stand behind their products, as they are in this case.

While we’re waiting, I’ve been doing some cleaning and packing, since we’ll need to have everything moved out of the cupboards on the slide out that will have the floor replaced.  They’ll take the whole slide off to replace the floor.  We’re also getting shelves installed in the cupboards on the other slide, so all of that stuff will have to come out of those cupboards too.

Since our last visit, Weight Watchers has established a meeting here, so I attended that meeting yesterday evening.  I really prefer morning meetings, but since this one is right here in town on Mondays, I’ll go!

Today, the dogs got to go to a groomer.  I usually groom them myself outside on a table, but with this heat, I decided to spend the bucks and take them to someone nearby.  She did a good job and, unlike the last “outsider”, didn’t criticize my grooming skills.

We drove up to Florence, Alabama (about 45 miles) on Saturday to do some shopping at Sam’s and Walmart.  The eating out choices here aren’t all that good for staying within my Weight Watchers “points” allowance.  After all the parties we attended in Amarillo, I need to watch what I’m doing!  So we’ve been eating at home the last couple of days.

Hopefully, we will get into a repair bay before long and can get the Castle rolling again!


Janna and Mike said...

Glad to hear the furkids got a better haircut this time. Emmi got her second bath in a week's time today so she is nice and clean for our road trip tomorrow.

Unknown said...

awww. . .our friends are also in Red Bay this very moment, having body work done to their gorgeous Phaeton.

She says it is miserable hot. . .and that they have taped solar foil over every window trying to keep the temps down inside.

Good luck you guys! We are close to the Tetons in West Yellowstone. It got up to 87* yesterday. Thinkin' about ya!


Susan and Sam said...

I've always heard good things about Tiffin and if we were ever in the market for a motor home we would surely go to Red Bay. Good luck with you continuing WW efforts. I'm trying to get back on the wagon myself!

Anonymous said...

It will be over before you know it and you'll be rolling again. Have you seen those squirt bottles with battery powered fans on them...they really work good. We use them at the Ranger Ball game which is where we will be next weekend.(14th&15th). I guess I have to say this, becareful what you wish for....you wanted it hot!
Love and miss you both!