Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rainy Saturday in Goshen, Indiana

Rally Saturday 001 Rally Saturday 005

Rally Saturday 004









Did I mention that Jim loves his new recliner?  He tried it out again some today, and this evening Jazz decided she likes it too, after she jumped up and curled up in Jim’s lap while he was watching a football game.

We woke up to clouds, and before long, it was raining.  Most of the day the rain stayed in the drizzle stage, but we did have a few hard showers, seems like most of those occurred as we were outside!

There wasn’t a lot happening here as far the Escapade, it’s the day before the opening ceremonies, so things were a little quiet.  We took the opportunity to make a run to Sam’s and Wal-Mart and have a quick lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.

I believe the count of rigs that got parked yesterday was around 325.  Another 200 or so came in today.  Tomorrow there will probably be another 300 coming in.  RV’s are parked everywhere!  The pictures below are just 2 of the parking areas:

Rally Saturday 028

This is looking out towards the race track.  It was a muddy mess today:

Rally Saturday 022

Several of the “RV Dreamers” group is parked in this row, we have a fence behind us and a couple of buildings in front of us, so we don’t feel all that crowded, nice!

Rally Sat Jim 023

Our little group even managed to find a dry, warm place to have a happy hour:

Rally Saturday 144

But, remember:

Rally Saturday 138

In spite of the rain, it’s been a great day!


Camille Carnell Pronovost said...

Can you share the make/model of the new recliner? I'd be interested in sourcing one here in CT, if possible. Looks very comfortable yet lightly scaled!

Donna McNicol said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that to share it on FB.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ellie I love the napkin!!! Got to have some of those...where did you get it??? The recliner is a winner for Jim, I know he is loving it...what time he has to spend in it! Hear you and he are staying busy with photography. Wow, that's a lot of people!!! We are just kicking back here...I take my 2 grandgirls to dance class this afternoon. Looking forward to that!! We miss you both and love your blogs! Love, Vickie