Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Coyote and The Crystal

Today has been busy!  We were up early – in time to see the sunrise:

Ellie 005_1

We heard the racers in the Parker 425 and saw the clouds of dust they raised most of the day, thankfully they were distant and really didn’t bother us much.

Jim gathered everyone’s trash to go to the dump, and while he was out he got more fresh water for us.

Rollie and Mike had the same idea about water and filled Rollie’s 40 gallon bladder.  They had a little left over, so we got our tank topped off too:

Ellie 007

A couple of little desert dogs who love being able to run around out here:

Ellie 009_1

Ellie 011

While Jim was out working on the trash and water runs, I took the dogs (on leash) for our morning walk.  I went off the main road a ways, and off in the distance, I spotted a coyote.  He was coming out of a wash, noticed us (the dogs especially) and started our way, obviously curious about us.  I kept an eye on him while I started backing up, deciding to put more distance between us.  He was not threatening us, as a matter of fact, he just sat down and watched us.  I turned and headed back towards the road, up a small hill.  When we got to the top of the little hill, I stopped to check on the coyote again.  He hadn’t moved and by now we were so far away I could barely see him.  I turned back to continue on toward the road when a flash of what I thought was glass at my feet caught my eye.  I reached down to pick it up – not a piece of glass, but a nice size crystal:


I turned back toward the coyote and thanked him for crossing my path today, if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been at that spot on that hill to find this beautiful crystal!

This afternoon, Janna & Mike, Gina & Rollie and Jim and I gathered in a nearby wash with steep walls where we could safely practice shooting.  Janna described the action and posted pictures in her blog.

While we were busy with our shooting, Deb & Rod went to get propane & water and dump their tanks.  When they returned, they moved to a new spot.  After they got all set up, the four of us went into Quartzsite for dinner.  We picked the wrong restaurant this time though, it was very busy and the staff was way less than efficient!  Oh well, it was an interesting outing anyway!

Tomorrow, we’re hosting our annual Super Bowl party here at our place.  The weather forecast says it will be warm, but a little breezy.  Should be another fun day!


Donna K said...

Great find on the crystal, very pretty. Hope you have a fun super bowl party.

Sue and Doug said...

nice find on the crystal!..good thing the coyote was not too hungry!!..have a great superbowl sunday party!!!..sounds like the desert is still the 'place to be'!!

Speedy said...

You know that crystal has some meaning to it. Maybe some history. You see the coyote was a spirit that wanted the crystal found. So you must sleep with it under your pillow to find out why the spirit wanted you to find it.

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

WOW!!! What an awesome find. Very impressive shooting skills, "Annie Oakley"LOL..

KarenInTheWoods said...

How interesting that the coyote was curious but not menacing and not stalking your pups for a snack. And that crystal was such a bonus for a wonderful day!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Dan and Gail said...

Just be careful with the dogs around dusk. The coyotes can get more aggressive as the sun goes down. Had a small dog taken at a state park near Seattle where we were volunteering last summer. Two coyotes came into the campground just after sunset. The dog was not on a leash, and the owner was about 30 feet away. The rangers had warned us to not leave Kasey tied out after sunset even if we were outside.

Really like your campsite. We're planning to be in Arizona next winter. Have really appreciated your updates on your solar panels. We're thinking of adding them to our motorhome.

RhathymianicRedhead said...

Hi Ellie...can you provide me with some information about your solar panel system? We've been wanting to do the same with our RV, but would like to get some info from first-hand experienced users. Thanks!