Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Moves

Our little community has decreased from 7 rigs down to 4.  I know Brenda and John had already planned to go visit some friends in the Phoenix area.  But I think the impending cold weather might have accelerated the plans for Pat & Mike and Sylvia & Glenn a bit, because they also packed up and left Tuesday morning.

We decided to go into town to fill up on propane and dump our tanks Tuesday.  We still had plenty of room in our black & gray tanks, but decided to go ahead and dump while we were out.  When we got back, we moved back to the same location we were in last year.  That spot didn’t work out as well for us this time, and today we moved again, just across the way.

Our new spot:

Ellie 009

One of our views:

Ellie 004

Another view:

Ellie 006

Janna & Mike are neighbors:

Ellie 003

Deb & Rod are neighbors:

Ellie 005

Gina & Rollie are neighbors:

Ellie 007_1

Janna & I had planned to go to the Weight Watchers meeting in Lake Havasu City on Wednesday, with Gina & Deb going along for a girls day.  But Mike wanted to go to Phoenix to look at a trailer instead, so Janna & Mike took Gina & Rollie with them in the motorhome in case Mike bought the trailer.  Jim & I went with Deb & Rod to Lake Havasu City and waited for Rod while he was at the dentist.

One of the errands I wanted to accomplish while we were there was to obtain my America The Beautiful Senior Pass.  Thanks, Deb, for letting me “borrow” the picture you took of the moment:


Now I’m ready for all those expensive National Parks!

The cold weather arrived on schedule with lots of wind and very cold temperatures.  We’ve been running the generator more in the last couple of days, but still not as much as we did routinely last year.  Rollie came over today and gave us some good pointers about getting a type of monitor that will allow us to track our batteries more accurately than we can with our standard built-ins.  I told him all I really need to know is whether I can run my electric stuff when I need to!

Everyone came over to our place this afternoon for a short happy hour, and we’re settled in for another cold night.  The weather forecast promises warmer temperatures over the next few days.  Good!


squawmama said...

Glad you're still having a great time and have friends still there with you. I just turned 62 so I'll be getting my pass as soon as I get to a park or place that sells them... No where in this county to do it!
Have fun & Travel safe

Sue and Doug said...

even though your group is dwindling it sounds like you are all still having a great time!..the views out your window are beautiful..hard to tire of those views!!!

K and D in the RV said...

Hope to meet you and maybe enjoy some warmer weather together, and yes, the views are awesome!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Nice pictures. We spent 12 years in at Cannon AFB in Clovis, NM when husb was on active duty. Look forward to following your adventures.

Alan and Marilyn

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Sounds like a great spot and a good time.

Donna K said...

Very nice pictures. The varied beauty of the desert never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing. Maybe someday soon I will get to see those places for myself.

KarenInTheWoods said...

We just sat and gazed over and over at your pictures this morning. We can't WAIT to get out that way in 2+ weeks. Your photos just make us soooo anxious to get traveling!

We have doc stuff and some important meetings till Feb 22, then by the 23 we hope to be hitting the road for 7 weeks out thataway!!!!

Karen and Steve
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