Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Desert Living…continued

Well, guess what – in addition to getting that “geezer card” just after my recent birthday, I am really official now – I just received my first Social Security check!  Wow…

Now, of course, with that advancing age comes a certain, uhmmmm….shall we say, “mild forgetfulness”…ok, let’s be honest, I have senior moments now and then.  When I posted last night, I forgot some important stuff! 

In addition to the people I mentioned when I summarized all the folks who’ve been out here, I neglected to mention that Brenda & John were here when we first got here.  Of course, they now have become big landowners over towards the “big city”, and we wish them well with that venture.  Then there was Pat and Mike McFall.  They arrived in their new-to-them, beautiful Foretravel motorhome and spent several days here.  Pat and I even got some line dancing practice in while they were here!  Sylvia and Glenn Avery also found their way out for a few days.  Some of these folks were here around the time of my birthday and got to enjoy that celebration with me.  And, one day, we got a surprise visit from JD and Becky.  This is the couple who recognized us last year when we were in Quartzsite and came out to our camp site for a visit.  They are both now retired and fulltiming – congratulations, JD & Becky! (Now, about that blog…sure would love to see one from you two).

I also intended to post this picture of snow on the mountains north of us.  When we got up Sunday morning, there it was!  Thankfully, the snow missed us, we just got some chilly rain and wind in the weekend storm that blew through.


Today, JoAnn and I were able to get back to back appointments for hair cuts in Parker.  After we got done with those, we went to a restaurant recommended by the woman who cut our hair and had a good lunch at the Crossroads Café. 

A stop at Walmart was next on our agenda.  I’ve been having some challenges getting my prescription refills accomplished, and today was no exception.  Somehow, my doctor’s office managed to approve my refill at a Walmart somewhere else!  So, the local store has to call the wrong store to have them back out the order and transfer it.  Aaarrrgggghhhh…..and they fuss at me if I don’t take the meds??

It was good to be back in our desert paradise where Jim had a nice piece of fish ready to grill for me!  Thanks, Honey.


squawmama said...

Glad your enjoying yourself and meeting up with so many of our bloggin friends... Have fun and travel safe

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Congrats -- I got my first SS chek last year -- WOO-HOO!! It comes in handy every

Cyndi said...

Don just got his first SS check, too! Should be good for a few tanks of gas, don't ya think? We're looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers once I retire in June!