Monday, June 20, 2011

It Could Happen to Anyone!

Our hearts go out to our friends Marilyn and Ed Dray, The Happy Wanderers.  We read on Facebook yesterday about their tragic fire while they were traveling from Missouri to their favorite summer haunt, Colorado Springs.  Thankfully they are ok and were able to save their truck, but they lost their beautiful Mobile Suites 5th wheel home and all the contents when a wheel locked up and caught fire.

Ed’s message to all of us RV’ers is to carry more than one small fire extinguisher.  He said he almost had the fire out when his one extinguisher went dry.  Once again we are sadly reminded that things like this can and do happen.  It’s important to be prepared, and even more important to cherish and treasure each day and each person in our lives!

The story of their loss is on their blog entry today.

And, if you’re so inclined, there is an opportunity to help them with a donation at this RV-Dreams page.

The picture below is from last June when we had lunch with them at one of our favorite downtown Colo. Spgs. restaurants, Jose Muldoon’s.

Ellie 001

Marilyn and Ed, there aren’t any words to express how sorry we are about your loss, but we’re grateful that you are both OK.  Please know we are keeping you in our prayers and hearts every day! 


Sue and Doug said...

amen to that!..pretty scary..they are so lucky!..things could have been so much worse!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Sad, but at the same time, thankful they are OK...things can be replaced. God bless them as they work through this unexpected event!

Rod Ivers said...

I agree that all of us should use the RV dreams web site to add a little donation for Ed and Marilyn. Some extra cash right now to help with all their expenses will help more than you will ever understand.

The insurance company will depreciate all of their belongings and pay only a portion of what will be needed to be purchased to get them back to somewhere near normal......

Donna K said...

Thanks for the link. I don't know Ed and Marilyn but was moved by their story. If lots of RVers chipped in a little, it would sure be a big blessing to these folks who have lost so much.

Phyllis said...

I read about this yesterday on RV-Dreams. I was pleased to see there is a way to help. Very pleased to see the tally growing each time I check. The RVing community is a very special family.

squawmama said...

Like everyone else said it is a very sad story but thankfully they didn't get hurt!