Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On to Cherry Creek!

On our way across Wyoming, we saw lots of:

Ellie 003


Ellie 017

There wasn’t much to do but take pictures!

Ellie 027







There were several of these signs:

Ellie 029

Followed by these signs:

Ellie 030

And in case you missed your signs, there are gates that close when the weather is bad enough to close the interstate!

Ellie 031







But after 2 days across Wyoming, we crossed the state line:Ellie 034

Uh-oh, this doesn’t look as calm as our spot along the Boulder River!

Ellie 038

But around noon yesterday we escaped the traffic of Denver into the wonderful Cherry Creek State Park campground located close to the home of some of our very favorite people!

Here they are with me: Calib, Elyse, Kellie and Cameron – our 4 grandchildren who live here in Aurora. 

jim 005

I picked them up at their house and brought them to our place for a pizza dinner followed by a walk on the nearby swim beach,

jim 002

then back here for a rousing game of Mexican Train.  We didn’t finish the game, but when we called it a night, Calib was trouncing the rest of us!

We have a couple more days here to enjoy some fun with the kids before continuing our journey to Colorado Springs.


Dan and Gail said...

We really enjoy Cherry Creek State Park. My sister lives in Denver, so we stop there on our way to our son in Carbondale, CO. Enjoy your visit with your grandchildren.

Debbie and Rod said...

Have fun with the grandkids! I think maybe we'll have to visit that state park when we get to Colorado later this year.

Miss you guys!

Deb & Rod

squawmama said...

What a group of good looking grandkids... Have fun with them!
Travel safe

Randy and Terry said...

Ohhhhh, grandkids!! :)

Peggy n David said...

Oh how we envy you your time with the grands - enjoy every moment!

We've heard so much about that park, but we didn't even get NEAR Denver when we came through - deliberatly :)