Friday, August 3, 2012

A Busy Maine Day

Our agenda was pretty full today.  First, we really wanted to go to the Portland Light, so that was number one.  We left home just before 9 and made a quick stop at the Subway again.  When we were there a couple of days ago, we got a coupon for a free breakfast sandwich and coffee, had to use that today.

It didn’t take us long to get to Portland and out to the lighthouse.  

I could have stayed in this spot all day, watching the waves break on the rocks!

We both took a lot of pictures!  This is the oldest lighthouse in Maine, and the first in the US that was built by the federal government.  In the museum, we learned that the tower was lowered and raised a few times.  In 1886 when it was lowered, a ship wrecked on the rocks near the light, resulting in the tower being raised back up 20’

 Two of the lenses displayed in the museum:

We spent about an hour taking pictures and visiting the museum and gift shop.

Another view I could have spent hours watching!

Then it was back to Brunswick to the Walmart – again.  Turns out that was our most visited place while we’ve been here in Topsham.  Oh, well.  I got my prescription, which by the way, cost me $10 more than it did last month.  We picked up the last of the groceries we’ll need on the next legs of our summer journey.

Finally it was back home to start working on our departure list.  We will be pulling out of the Topsham Fairgrounds not a minute past 9:30 in the morning, more likely around 8:30 to 9:00.  After a lot of research and budget consultation, we decided that we’d make our way to the Connecticut Welcome Center on I-84 tomorrow and spend the night there at the rest area.  We’ll split the difference between there and Gettysburg over the next 2 days with a stop at a casino that allows overnight parking.  That will make 2 nights of parking lot boondocking.

We’ll be in Gettysburg for 9 nights, time to get caught up on chores and do some good research while we’re there.

Thanks for all the comments on last night’s blog.  We really enjoy reading your comments, and we appreciate your taking the time to offer us your thoughts!


Travels with Emma said...

I love the sight and sound of crashing waves also.

I'll be very interested in your posts from Gettysburg. I had hoped to get there this spring, but didn't quite make it.

Janna and Mike said...

Gorgeous photos tonight!

Renea Miller said...

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is a lighthouse!!! And as you well know, I don't get to see many of them in Amarillo, Texas!! :) LOVED the pictures of the Portland Light! GORGEOUS!!! LOVE the history that you so eloquently explain!!! I'm with you and your other friend - I could sit and watch/listen to waves crashing for hours. The sounds soothe my soul! LOVE that you are experiencing this. SO happy for you and LOVE living this with you! Heck, I just LOVE you BOTH so much! :)

Okay, I'm starting to get a little perturbed! I changed my name on my Google account weeks ago, but it doesn't change on here. Pretend it says, "Renea Miller." LOL!!! :)

Renea Miller said...

SUCCESS!!! I think I finally figured out how to change my name on HERE! AND add a picture. Okay, I'm slow, but I'm sure! :)

Darrell and Judy Patterson said...

One of our favorite places as well. Beautiful photos, but foggy days along the coast of Maine make for some interesting photos as well.

Do you realize that it's only four hours from Topsham to the Connecticut Visitors Center on I-84? Another hour or so would put you at the casino in North Stonington or Norwich. Also, you can easily drive from CT to Lickdale campground, which is about an hour away for Gettysburg, in a day.

My grandfather fought at Gettysburg with the 2nd Maine Calvary in the East Battlefield.

Glad you enjoyed my home state and safe travels.