Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rainbow Plantation

Bright and early – well maybe not so early, but bright – Monday morning, we had the Castle all packed up and ready to roll on south.  I had talked with someone in the office at the Plantation to be sure all was ok after the hurricane.  We were assured that everything was fine, come on down.

Almost exactly 4 and a half hours later we were parked in our site at Rainbow Plantation.  The address here is listed as Summerdale, Alabama, but the actual location is somewhere between Robertsdale, Foley and Fairhope.  We’re out on a county road, very quiet and peaceful.  The beach at Gulf Shores is about 20 miles from here, close enough to spend some time there, but not close enough to get tired of it.

We set up our patio yesterday and got the bugs washed off the front of the Castle. 

Ellie 008

This is the park where we have our names on the waiting list for one of the ERPU (Escapees Rainbow Parks Unlimited) leased sites:

Ellie 005


Ellie 006_2

At this park there are 22 large RV sites that are leased by Escapees.  The fee for 5 years is $14,500, with an annual maintenance fee of $750.  The lease can be renewed for $1.00 after 5 years.  However, if you decide to let the lot go, your $14,500 is returned to you.  It’s a good program for people like us who are not ready to buy property.  You can put a storage building on your lot, so we’ll have a place to store some of our things once we get a lot.  Until our number comes up, we’ll continue to stay in the campground.  The cost here is $80 weekly plus electric. 

We think we’ll be here for a few months.  Right now the campground is nearly empty, just a few of us are parked here.  There’s not much going on yet, but the winter folks will start trickling in over the next few weeks.

This morning I took my sound system and line dancing notebook over the clubhouse to practice.  The regular instructor won’t be here until sometime in November, but maybe some of the regulars will drop by and join me in practicing.

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