Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sightseeing in San Antonio

I've had several requests to post pictures of Mr. Bo Jangles (BoBo) and Jasime, our two "furkids", so here they are. BoBo has been part of the family for 7 years now, having come into our lives as a puppy. His big claim to fame is that he's been through several classes to learn the sport of agility. He even entered a couple of trials, but after refusing to climb the A-Frame in two trials, we backed off the competition. He's darn cute, though, sailing over those jumps. I'd love to continue to work with him, so I'm on the lookout for RV parks and locations where I can get him started again.

After a couple of years of begging, cajoling, and pleading, I finally convined Jim that BoBo "needed" a baby sister. Finally, around November of 2005, he agreed that I could begin the search for a second Mini Schnauzer. The result of that search is Jasmine, found through Petfinder.com. She showed up at our local humane society, listed as a stray. They assured me she was a Mini Schnauzer, but the first time I saw her, I thought of "Benji". After I groomed her, though, I accepted that she is a mini. She has not had the pleasure of learning agility, yet, but I think she'll be good at it when she does learn, as she's a smart little girl.

Here they are after a good, hard walk, with their little tongues hanging out, BoBo is the black guy and Jaz is the one with the pink, "bling bling" collar.

And, relaxing on THEIR couch. They will share it with Jim, if he's nice to them.

I carry a grooming table with us, plus all the tools I need to groom them myself. I don't do a "professional" job on them, but I figure since they aren't professional dogs, it's ok.

On travel days, they wear harnesses that are hooked into the seat belts on the couch. They each have their own crate, which they sleep in at night, and stay in if we're out and about to places it's not practical to take them with us. They are very comfortable and secure staying in their crates, and we don't leave them alone for more than a few hours. I feel better knowing they aren't running around the motor home, and we make sure the temperature is comfortable for them.

Today, our grand adventure was to visit San Antonio to see the Alamo and the River Walk. I had a hard time deciding which pictures to post, but settled on just these. I am thrilled to be wearing late summer clothes and seeing all this tropical greenery at this time of year. All of my life I've been preparing for great snowstorms right now, so this is my Halloween Treat!

This is a walkway on the grounds of The Alamo

We still want to see the other missions in San Antonio, time permitting. Jim remembers learning all about the battle from his school years.

These last two pictures are in the River Walk. We had lunch at a little Mexican Restaurant along the water, then strolled around for a bit. We did a little Christmas Shopping in some of the shops.

We were back at the motor home by mid-afternoon. One of the things we enjoy so much about this lifestyle is we don't feel pressured to see and do everything there is to do and see. We don't make a lot of plans, just take things as they come. We enjoy each day, whether we get out and do something, or stay at the motor home and read, play cribbage, watch a movie or nap. Or, you know, sometimes we have those household chores, like cleaning, dumping the tanks, minor maintenance, laundry and so forth. But we don't even mind those - much.

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A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Such cute dogs, Ellie. Good for you grooming them yourself. That was always hard on our dog, seeing a new groomer everytime he needed a haircut.

San Antonio is one of the American cities that I really liked. Riverwalk is very pretty.