Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Laundry Day Halloween!

Jim has had his eye on this tree since the day we got here. Last night at sunset he took his Canon EOS Digital Rebel off to get the perfect shot. Since it looks pretty spooky to me, I decided it would be a good Halloween greeting!

Today has been one of those days I mentioned -- getting the house cleaned and the laundry done. I cleaned while Jim went off in search of a laundromat. He struck out on that, so he came back and used the small machines here at the park. Oh, yes, he does the laundry! He's always been willing to help out with what I call "pink" jobs, well, except for cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming.

I also put together a beef and broccoli recipe that cooked in the crockpot most of the day. We typically eat a main meal sometime mid-afternoon. That seems to work out best for us.

The other big activity of the day was a little job I volunteered for in the RV-Dreams chat room last night. Linda asked for some help coordinating the pot luck which will be on Friday evening of the RV-Dreams Rally next June. I agreed to post a message on their forum, asking for people to sign up to bring their favorite dishes to share. They are expecting up to 250 people (in 100 or so rigs). I got the message posted this morning.

And, a story about our mail... We are members of the Escapees RV Club, so we have the Rainbow Drive address in Livingston, Texas. Escapees forwards our mail to us upon our request. When we left Arlington, I had them hold our mail until I knew where we'd be. We decided to spend a few days near Temple, Texas, so I called them to request that our mail be sent to General Delivery. When I called, I got their voice mail, so I just left the message. I called back later to verify they got the message, and here's where my unease started. They missed the "General Delivery" part of the message. I'd also given them the street address of the post office, which was probably a mistake on my part. Anyway, they sent the mail to the street address of the post office in Temple on Friday, Oct. 19.

We'd made arrangements to stay in Temple until Friday, Oct. 26. Our mail still had not been delivered by that morning, a full week after it had been sent. Under most circumstances we would have changed our plans to wait until the mail was delivered, but our good friend, Karon, was going to be in the area for a few more days, so I made arrangements for her to pick it up for us. Now, to complicate the story, I had our next packet of mail sent on Friday, Oct. 26 to the Top of the Hill RV Resort, where we are now. Both packets of mail were delivered on the same day - Monday, October 29! We actually received the later packet first, since Karon was still in Temple. Her plan was to send it to us by priority mail, but she actually hand delivered it to us this morning, since they ended up leaving Temple a few days early and staying not far from here. It was nice of her to bring it to us this morning, and we got in a good visit. Thank you again, Karon!

Here's a picture of our rig at our site here in Boerne, Texas, taken from up the hill from us. There are several levels of this park, and we're on what I call the North Terrace. You can see I-10 in the upper left part of the picture. There aren't a lot of people here at this time, we are the only rig in our row right now.

We are going to settle in for a quiet Halloween night. I think tomorrow we may explore the Kerrville, Texas area.

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Karon said...

Ellie & Jim,
You are very welcome! Visits with you are always fun and I get to play with Mr. BoJangles and Miss Jasmine.

Hugs and Happy Travels,