Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blowin' Down the Road

We left Amarillo about 9:00 this morning and took the scenic route up the Texas panhandle:

Which way do we turn? I guess we'd better get on to the north:

After a while, we got to New Mexico:

The color of the flowers changed:

The scenery was typical of northeastern New Mexico, and the wind was whipping along, causing us to slow down to stay on the road.

And finally, we came around a corner and could see the snow-covered Rockies off in the distance, behind the mesas:

And got to Raton early afternoon to get settled in at the KOA for an overnight rest stop before continuing on to Colorado.

1 comment:

Mark and Dortha said...

Seeing snow on the I really know that I wish I were with you.

Glad to hear you made it safe this far and I know the kids are going to be glad to see you guys.

Hugs to you both,