Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kids Visit

Saturday started off cold, foggy and damp. I was up early to attend my "home" Weight Watchers meeting which starts with weigh-in at 7:00 a.m. The meeting location is at the other end of town, about 12 miles from here, so I needed to leave pretty early. My friend, Karen, met me there with a latte, thanks, Karen! It was great to attend that meeting and see folks I had not seen for awhile. I somehow managed to lose a tiny bit, even with all the eating out we've done lately.

After the meeting, Karen and I went out to breakfast (of course!) at a local restaurant and got caught up with the news since we've seen each other. She and I used to walk every morning back in the days before we each retired. We had some wonderful discussions on those walks.

Then it was time to get home and be ready for the kids to visit. Since the weather was uncooperative, we decided to go out to lunch (yes, AGAIN!) with them. We all piled into the Saturn and headed to On The Border for some Mexican fare. I had a salad, so didn't do much damage to the diet.

After lunch, they came back home with us and we spent the afternoon visiting, playing, and getting caught up with them.

This is son Josh, grandson Jacob, and his mom - daughter, Robin:

I played Guitar Hero with Jacob. He's much better than I am, he plays on the hard level, but I'm stuck on medium:

Robin and Josh are looking at the book Dortha and Mark made for us for Christmas, while I describe where we were at the time:

The weather was much more cooperative this morning. I got out and walked early, then got to work on getting both dogs groomed. I was just finishing up with Jasmine when the kids arrived for today's cookout. Jim was the cook today. He grilled chicken, and fixed jalapeno's with cheese, hoppin'John with rice, and a dessert. We had some leftover salads and rolls, so we had a great meal.
We enjoyed being with the kids these last two days, but they needed to get their chores taken care of, tomorrow's a work and school day for them.
Tomorrow will be another busy day for us, as Jim heads out with his friends while I have my annual doctor visit first thing in the morning.

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Karon said...

Sounds like you are having so much fun. Tell all "hi" for us.

Love you and miss you!