Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Days Flying By!

Even when we don't seem to be busy every minute, these days in the Black Hills seem to be flying by especially fast. The pace of life here is much slower, so in a way, it doesn't make sense to me that our time here is going quickly. We've spent some time relaxing, taken some drives, done some shopping, and generally enjoyed the cool weather and laid back attitude here.

Sunday morning, Connie Snyder, who is staying here with her husband, Jim, while they are having a house built in the area, baked several pans of delicious cinnamon rolls for everyone in the camp. Wow!

Connie is seving a roll while Geri looks on:

Yes, I had one, and savored every single bite!

Thank you very much, Connie! They were wonderful!

After our breakfast, we took a drive and ended up on Iron Mountain Road, heading to Mt. Rushmore. This is the view from one of the tunnels:

Jim took this picture, calling it "George Playing Peek-a-Boo"

Yesterday was a day mostly at home. Jim took the laundry to town while I washed and groomed the dogs.

This morning we took a great walk before breakfast. We decided to go on another drive, and I downloaded several geocaches that looked like we might be able to find without too much difficulty.
Here I go with the dogs, up a hill towards what we thought was the first location:
A find!
Yes, Jim did do some hiking:

The drive was beautiful, and we found 3 caches.

A new adventure in dining today - we decided it was time for us to try a buffalo burger. We agreed to order one buffalo burger and one other item and split them both. That way, if we didn't like the buffalo, we'd have something else to fall back on.

Karon, we thought of you when we stopped here at the Slate Creek Grill in Hill City - remember, this is where we ate when you took us out driving last year:

As it turns out, we both liked the buffalo! We will probably buy some meat and grill our own now.

We've talked to Mark several times in the last day or so, he and Dortha are gearing up for their departure from Fort Worth tomorrow. They should be arriving sometime on Friday. We are looking forward to our journey together, safe travels, dear friends!


Karon said...

Yes, I remember. That was a fun filled day. Good times and great memories!!

I'm looking forward to your blog entries from the great northwest. Safe travels, dear friends.

Miss you!!!
Hugs, K

Speedy said...

Well having our own adventures now I have fallen way behind on reading all our friends journals. I am just about to catch up. Appears that you two are still having a good time. WE are excited for you meeting up with Mark and Dortha and wish we could have made the trip this time. With me changing over to the VA medical and all the exams that I have to take... it just takes time and I have to hang around here. Oh well maybe next year I can venture further away from the nest..LOL Have a good time and keep us up to date on all the fun stuff...

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

The "George Playing Peek-a-Boo" picture reminds me of "Kilroy was Here".
Maybe you don't remember that.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX