Friday, June 26, 2009

Friends Arrive!

Last time we posted, Dortha and Mark were just getting ready to leave Fort Worth, and planned to be here today. They got out of town on time, and decided they wanted to be here so much that they did the drive in 2 days. They pulled in yesterday afternoon around 4:30. Since their site next to us wouldn't be vacant until this morning, they took another site for one night.

We made dinner for them and started getting caught up on the news. It's great to see them again, and we're sure looking forward to our summer travels with them.
Early this morning, the site next us opened up, and Mark got them moved in within a short time. They are starting to get settled in, Mark has already washed the motor home!

Dortha and grandson, Caden, happy to be out of the bus for a little while!

On Wednesday, we packed up our swimming gear and visited Hot Springs for a little pool time. Many years ago, the hot springs here served as healing waters for the Indians. Now, it's pretty much a summer tourist destination, with indoor and outdoor pools, complete with water slides.
The town of Hot Springs has some very interesting buildings:

And a pretty water fall:

Yesterday was our day in the city, time for Weight Watchers meeting and running errands. Geri needed us to pick up some items at Sam's Club, as well as an order of T-shirts and hats for the campground. We're happy to be able to help out, just so it doesn't become a "job"!

Tonight there is another chuck wagon supper here at the campground, which Mark, Dortha, and Caden get to enjoy with us!


Speedy said...

Glade they made it safely. Take care and have lots of fun. I have been a the doctor all day so I am going to take a nap.

JB said...

Glad you are back together, it didn't seem right seeing on Phaeton without the other.

Mike McFall said...

Have you guys toured the old court house in downtown Custer? Its kinda neat, as is the Mammoth site in Hot Springs...
Hope the cook out was good, we just wern't that impressed with it. If he would BBQ some ribs or have the Prime rib, we would try that...
See ya
Mike & Pat
your neighbors