Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catching Up and Slowing Down

We’ve been to Oregon several times before, but we were always in “vacation” mode.  This time, we have decided to slow ourselves down and spend the next two months here.  We will be in the Portland area for another week or so before going to the coast.  We’ve got reservations at a park in Lincoln City for October, and then will pick somewhere along the southern Oregon coast for November.   What this means is that we will be staying behind, while Dortha and Mark, and Deb and Rod move along without us.  We will certainly miss our day-to-day contact and adventures with them, but understand that they need to start heading back towards their respective families before long.

Last night we all went over to the Edgefield Winery for dinner together one last time before the four of them leave for the coast today.  Jim, Rod, Deb, Dortha and Mark were all smiling after we shared a huge slab of chocolate cake:

Ellie 003 We will catch up with you all  again before long!  Please travel safe and have fun!

Meanwhile, we have been doing some catching up with routine matters like cleaning, organizing and grocery shopping.  Sunday morning I went to a local Weight Watchers meeting, then did some grocery shopping.  Jim needed to catch up with his regular Sunday football schedule, so I pretty much left him to take care of that important duty!   I spent time both on Saturday and Sunday getting the dogs looking like Schnauzers again, they were beginning to look pretty fuzzy!  They feel and look much better now.

We all took a day trip to the “Fruit Loop” in the Hood River Valley on Monday.  We visited several farms and wineries, did some tasting and some buying.

Our remaining time here will be a mix of sightseeing and household chores.  We have a lot of reorganizing and cleaning to do, both inside and outside the Castle.  And, there are several places in the area that we want to see before we move out to the coast.  On to the next adventures!


Speedy said...

Traveling with that many folks...I would never get anything done. I know it is fun but having alone time and getting organized everyonce in a while is a must thing you have to do. Enjoy yourselves and get those chores done...

Cait @ Gypsy Arts said...

Here via Dee's blogroll and SO FREAKING JEALOUS. Lincoln City is beautiful (Best fudge on the Oregon coast is just south in Depoe Bay, too!) Devil's Punch Bowl is worth a stop and look, too.

Peggy n David said...

Ellie & Jim

I know you are having so much fun, it really comes through in your blog!

I hope you will enjoy fabulous weather on the coast!

Karon said...

Ellie & Jim
I can only imagine the fun you are having. Lacie (DSS) was born in Lincoln City. I'm looking forward to more pics of the area you visit.

Love you and miss you!

Barb said...

Ellie ~ I am loving all your blogs about the Pacific Northwest since we have lived in Oregon for 40 years, over 30 of them in the Portland area. I read about your "fruit loop" drive (DS and his fam live in Hood River and DDIL just did the "fruit loop" today!), Multnomah Falls, the Gorge, Seattle, Victoria, Empress Hotel, etc. and I can see everything so clearly. Enjoy Oregon!

If you come through Grants Pass, please give me a call! I'd love to meet you in person.