Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friends Connect

Jim 072 We’re going back a ways in time to start off today.  Jim and I both worked in a power plant when we met and quickly figured out we should be together for the rest of our lives.  Since there was a rule about being related and working in the same department, I quit and got a job at the local school district.  About a year after I started that job, I applied for and was hired for a promotion to an executive secretary, supporting the head of a division.  I worked for Joe for the next 8 years, and during that time, he supported my every effort to improve my skills.  That included getting my associate’s, then my bachelor’s, and starting on a graduate degree.  We ended up being friends instead of just boss and employee.  Joe is originally from Oregon and eventually moved back here.  Over the years, we gradually lost contact with each other.

When we first arrived in Troutdale, Jim signed up for a Facebook page, and found Joe on there.  It turns out he now lives in the Portland suburbs.  We contacted him, and last night we went to his house for dinner.  We so enjoyed catching up with them, and hope they can make a trip out to the coast when we get settled there. 

Our “to-do” list is getting accomplished, with an item or two getting crossed off every day.  Now, if we could just stop new items from getting added….  Today, while Jim is engrossed in football, I will work on my part of the Castle polishing job.  My half is the bottom, and I’ll save the top for him to do tomorrow.  

We’ve been enjoying beautiful weather the past few days, but from the weather pages, it looks like today may be one of the last sunny days for awhile, rain is coming!


Mike Goad said...

Just curious, what sort of power plant did ya'll work at?

I retired from a nuclear power plant and, for the second time, I am back there working on six month contract. We just got back from a 3 week trip to Colorado and, boy, was it ever hard going back to work.

I hope that you can get your repair done soon so that you can enjoy your travels.

Mike Goad
currently at home in Arkansas
Haw Creek Out 'n About

Janna and Mike said...

Better get out the rain coats for the furkids! It is a beautiful day here in MT but we have colder weather coming mid week.

Speedy said...

Better to get all those chores done while you have time. I am working on the dinning room table top putting another coat or two of sealer on it.