Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happily Ordinary Days

Jim 076 Continuing our nearly breakneck snail’s pace, we managed to get more than half the Castle waxed and polished in just two days!  On Sunday, as I previously reported, Jim kept up with a dozen or so football games and I waxed and polished all of the compartment doors on the Castle.

We had a break for some grilled bison burgers and fresh corn on the cob which was wonderful!  Of course, I had to be done with my work in time to watch the Denver Broncos  beat the Raiders!

Yesterday we both got in the act on the waxing and polishing.  It seems this task is always a magnet for the men who are out and about in the park.  When I was out on Sunday, two or three guys came by to check out the buffer.  I think they were a little surprised to see “the little woman” doing outside work.  And yesterday, the neighbor had to come over and compare notes on what products we use, etc.  It’s fun to visit and get to know people around us.

We finished the front and one side of the coach before we both gave in and decided we were give out.  One of the places we wanted to re-visit is the Edgefield Winery which is just up the road.  In addition to the winery, they also distill liquor, brew beer, and have several restaurants and shops on the property, as well as lodging.  It’s a popular place for weddings and other events, so it’s always busy.  One of the restaurants is where we went with Dortha, Mark, Deb and Rod, called the Power Station.  Reason for the name – when the property was the county poor farm, this was their power plant.  Now they serve sandwiches, pizza, soups and salads, along with their wine and brew.  We decided to have a late lunch there, which was very relaxing.

We weren’t finished relaxing though, so when we got home we did more of that.  A new neighbor knocked on the door, and when I went out to talk to her, she said she just had to come over and meet us, because they are picking up their 2010 Phaeton in Fort Worth in a couple of weeks, and wanted to see how we like ours.  We invited them in to see the place, and talked with them for quite a while.  Welcome to the Tiffin family, neighbor!

Today we’ll do some last minute shopping and start winding down our time in Troutdale.  This has been a good place for us, but we are both really excited to be heading to the coast for the next few months.

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Mark and Dortha said...

Stay safe and enjoy what I am leaving behind!

Hugs to you both.