Saturday, September 12, 2009

Traveling Days

We’ve been on the move since our visit to Forks.  We stayed two nights, Thursday and Friday, at the Hoquiam River RV Park in Hoquiam, Washington.  It’s an interesting little town located on the eastern edge of Gray’s Harbor which is just about in the center of the west coast of the state, but there isn’t much to do there, so our two days in the area were spent first on one side of Gray’s Harbor, in Westport, and the second day in Ocean Shores, on the north side of Gray’s Harbor. 

This was a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean on our way south on Highway 101 from Forks to Hoquiam.

Ellie 019It was a 100 mile trip, complicated by about 10 construction zones.  Thankfully, not all of them meant a delay, but about 4 of them we did have to stop and wait a while.

We got to the rv park, got checked in and set up and headed out towards Westport and the beach:

Jim 030 Jim got there first and took this picture of Mark, Rod and I arriving on the beach:

Jim 011 Near the beach, but just a little inland, is the Westport Light, the tallest lighthouse in Washington:

Ellie 040 After our beach stroll, we stopped and had a seafood dinner at a local place before heading back to the rv park to settle in for the evening.

Friday morning we all caught up with a few things around the house and then headed the other direction to Ocean Shores, which is on the north side of Gray’s Harbor.  We headed right to beach, where Dortha immediately went to get her feet wet:

Jim 017 And Deb started taking pictures:

Jim 012

The surf was really high, but I started right out to get my feet wet too.  Until – a wave came in further and faster than I was expecting.  I started backing up, lost my footing and got knocked down backwards by the force of the wave – and of course, my camera was over my shoulder. We are going to take it to a camera shop as soon as possible, but I don’t have a lot of hope that it’s going to be able to be repaired.  Meantime, I’ll be using my little Olympus camera.

Even though I got pretty well soaked, I managed to get myself dried off and most of the sand brushed off, at least enough to stay and walk the beach a little more, go shopping in some of the local stores, and then on to the casino.  I got a little balance in my day when my name was drawn for a prize.  I had to draw a card each from two different bags and ended up winning $100 cash.  That offset the $40 I lost to the slots, anyway, plus a little.

When we first checked in to the rv park on Thursday, we were informed that Saturday morning the road through town would be a mess because the town would be celebrating Logger’s Play Day with a parade and all sorts of activities.  Since that was our planned travel day, and the road through town is the only one out, we needed to be out of there pretty early to avoid the expected traffic jams.  Somehow we all managed to get up and out a little before 8 a.m. this morning –yes, even Deb and Rod!

We had a very easy 100 mile drive to Kelso, Washington, where we’re staying at Brookhollow RV Park for 4 nights before going on to Oregon.  From here, we’ll visit Mt. St. Helens and the northern Oregon Coast.  This is a really nice rv park with level concrete pads and nicely landscaped grounds. 

Tomorrow is opening Sunday of the NFL, so that is what the guys have planned.  The girls (Dortha, Deb, and I) are thinking of checking out the nearby mall!


Janna and Mike said...

Oh, Ellie, we are so sorry about your camera--I had wonderful luck with the Canon factory repairing mine-it is as good as new.

Betsy Brown said...

Thanks for sharing this part of your trip. We lived in Westport for 15 years, and my grandparents lived in Kelso for 50 years. Nice walk down memory lane for me.

Kathy said...

Oh Ellie, I feel so bad for the camera! I hope they can clean it!
Beautiful Washington coast with sunny weather in September!

We've been enjoying Montana so much this summer, that has added up to over a month and a half. What with side trips to ND, SD and Wyoming! Currently in West Yellowstone.

Enjoy your trip to Mt. St. Helens!

Kathy Webb

Bob and Molly said...

Ellie, we've been enjoying your trip this summer! Sorry to hear about your camera...hope it works out well for you. Maybe you'll get to shop for a new one! Hugs and safe travels!