Friday, October 30, 2009

Moving Day

Our time in Lincoln City was counted down over the past few days with rain, rain, and then just for good measure, a little more rain. In between the frequent showers, we did go out to lunch one day at Mo’s, a locally well-known seafood restaurant:

Ellie 001

We also took a drive and found a covered bridge over Drift Creek:

Jim 001

We had another lunch out, this time to meet Mary and David. They are former fulltimers who needed to come off the road due to some personal circumstances. I “met” Mary on the Weight Watchers community online a few years ago, so it was just like saying hello to friends when we met for at Gracies Sea Hag in Depoe Bay:

Ellie 023

We had a good time comparing stories and getting to know them better. They are doing a little camping on the coast before heading back to their home in Idaho.

But other than these highlights, we’ve spent a lot of time reading, playing on the computer and watching it rain for the past several days.

This morning, the weather forecast called for – what? – no rain! Good time to pull up stakes and head on out. Our destination was Winchester Bay RV Resort, just south of Reedsport, Oregon. We left Lincoln City just a little after 10 this morning for our 100 mile drive down the coast.

Even though it wasn’t raining, the clouds were low and it was definitely a gray ride:

Ellie 021

That is, until we arrived in the Reedsport area and found blue sky and sunshine! We got checked in at the office and found our way to our site, which has this view out the front window:

Ellie 051

We are just around the corner from the Umpqua Lighthouse:

Ellie 058

There is a one-mile walking/bike path around the resort that will provide me with a great place to walk the dogs. We’re happy to be in such a beautiful location, and look forward to doing some exploring over the next few weeks!


Bob and Molly said...

Looks like a wonderful place! Hope you have lots of sunshine and blue skies!! :) M&B

Larry & Lee Ann said...

Hi guys, Sure glad to see you had blue skies when you arrived today. We left Brookings this morning and it was beautiful there as well. Make sure you save a few days to explore the Brookings area. You'll love it. Especially Harris Beach. We stay at the Driftwood RV Park, down by the harbor. 1 block to the ocean. Look forward to following your posts and neat pictures...Be safe, Larry & Lee Ann

Speedy said...

Clear sky clean windshield and life is good. Have fun...see ya down the road...

Somewhere in Time

The Haman's said...

Better rain then snow... Hope your blue skies continue. We are suppose to begin to have better weather this week.

squawmama said...

I know you're glad to be away from the rain... We have been having a lot to but today is a sunshiney day... Have fun, travel safe and enjoy that beautiful part of the country...

Happy Halloween