Monday, December 7, 2009

Settling In

Finding our way around town, settling in to our new site at Santee Lakes, dentist visits (for me too), going for long walks around the campground and taking care of business have occupied us for the past week.

This is our new "corner lot”:

Ellie 002

And some views around our little neighborhood, starting with one of the picnic areas near a small, man-made stream that runs through the campground:

Ellie 003_1

This is one section of the walking trail that winds its way all around the campgrounds.  There are pet stations at several locations on the trail, with bags and trash cans provided. The walk around the entire campground perimeter is a little over 1.5 miles.

Ellie 008

I attended my new, “regular” Weight Watchers meeting and received an acknowledgement of being a Lifetime member at goal for the past 10 months.  Has it really been that long?  Weight Watchers awards a keychain when you reach a goal of losing 10% of your starting weight.  After that, awards are charms to add to the keychain.  This year, they have started awarding a key charm to people who have maintained their goal weight over the long haul.

On Friday night we attended a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert at the San Diego Sports Arena.  We first saw this musical extravaganza in Colorado Springs a few years ago, and I just loved them.  When we found that they would be here, we immediately ordered tickets for it.  We went early and did some shopping and had a great dinner at Olive Garden before the concert.

Saturday night we joined a friend and her family at a local Christmas parade in Encinitas.  We  had a great time enjoying their grandchildren watching the parade.  We followed that up with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

Yesterday brought a very special treat!  Dortha and Mark, plus Deb and Rod, decided to make a quick trip here for a gathering.  Dortha and Mark flew in from Fort Worth, and Deb and Rod drove their truck while their 5th wheel is getting some repair work done.  They are all staying at a nearby motel and we hope to get some fun in for the next couple of days, although today the weather isn’t being very cooperative, with a big winter storm bringing a lot of rain.  We’ll still enjoy time together, no matter what.

We fixed dinner for everyone last evening and had a great time getting caught up with all the news since we have seen each other.

Mark and Dortha:

Ellie 029

Deb and Rod, all visiting through dinner:

Ellie 028

We’re just now getting ready to meet them at their motel and see what the day holds, besides lots of rain!


Peggy n David said...

Ellie - I need to figure out how to get my blog to go across the whole screen like yours...can you tell me how to do it??? Is it a specific template?

I love the look of yours, and of course I wouldn't copy your colors or anything, but I can't seem to get mine the way I want it, and I'm NOT an HTML person.

squawmama said...

Having fun with friends is always good... and to share in a great meal is even better.... Have fun and enjoy the company!

Travel Safe

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Looks like fun and a great get together. Nice pictures of your corner lot.

Karon said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! Please tell all "hi" for me. A corner lot, nice!!! I'm really enjoying your trip.

Love you....miss you!!!!! K

Speedy said...

I have a corner here in the motel room. Not much to look at...other than your corner lot. I like your location...should not be bad for a few months. Should just buy you some store bought teeth and forgo the hassel of the dentist...If something goes wrong just mail them back in.