Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nope, This Is Not Phoenix!

Jim 038 We already miss our desert and the blooming cactus plants…especially since the last two mornings we’ve awakened to temperatures in the low 30’s.  Ok, I hear you, Janna, I know you’ve had 18 degrees up in Montana!  I shouldn’t complain, I know!

This morning we had the alarm set (yes we do have clocks, although I often forget to look at them) for dark-thirty (translation: 4:50 A.M), so we could be ready to head north on I-25  and Academy Blvd. across Colorado Springs to my Weight Watchers meeting.  Weigh-in is at 7:00.  My good friend, Karen, and I used to walk to these meetings every Saturday morning, when we lived in the neighborhood.  Now, I attend my “home” meeting when we’re in town.  It was fun to see the mix of new people, and people who were attending when Karen and I went every week.  The leader is the same, and she remembers me. It was a good meeting about eating out – something we do frequently!  One of the receptionists working that meeting was a great inspiration to me, she once told me she’s been tracking her food every day for well over 10 years!  I remember that statement every time I’m tempted to put my own food journal aside, that would spell trouble for me for sure!

After the meeting we went – where else – out to breakfast – with Karen and her husband Chris.  That’s also a tradition with us.  Shopping at our favorite mall was next on our agenda and I found a few Mother’s Day gifts for myself of some new jeans and a new shirt.  This mall has been somewhat of an institution in Colorado Springs for many years.  We noticed today that there are a lot of stores, including a large Macy’s, that have closed up – sad to see!

This afternoon Jim was kind enough to brave the grocery store crowds on the Saturday before Mother’s Day to pick up the food for tomorrow’s gathering of our children here.  I made good use of that time by getting out the Wii and practicing some dance moves on “Just Dance”, along with a few songs on Guitar Hero, just in case one of the kids or grandkids issues me a challenge!

We are expecting a warmer day tomorrow!

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