Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zum-What? and Other Musings

Several months ago, I think we were in Lincoln City, Oregon at the time, I heard about an exercise/dance class called “Zumba”.  The woman described it as a very fast paced dance/aerobic class.  I again heard about it recently when one of my friends here in Colorado Springs talked about going to Zumba class.  So,  yesterday afternoon, I went with her.  Oh my… as if I wasn’t suffering enough from sore muscles from the previous day’s exercise classes!  Zumba is indeed a fast paced dance activity.  It reminded me a little of Jazzercise on steroids.  A little jazz, salsa, samba, belly dance, aerobic steps – constant (fast) movement for 60 minutes.  Luckily, the club has a whirlpool, because that’s exactly where I headed immediately after class.  Ahhh, now that felt good!

Yesterday morning, Jim had his first dental appointment here with the new dentist who will be completing the work he started in Santee.  No, he’s not all finished, he still has the final steps to complete.  He was favorably impressed with the dentist and the office staff.  This dentist belongs to the same business group as the one he went to in Santee, the records and his account just got transferred here – very easily, as all x-rays, notes and so forth were all digital.  He was relieved to be told that the implants have taken well and everything is healing as it should.  He will be going back next week for the next appointment.

This morning, we had an appointment with our car mechanic, Dave, the owner of Highland Automotive.  We’ve been going to Dave for many years with a whole parade of vehicles we’ve owned or leased since 1985.  We just wanted to be sure all systems on our little Saturn are in good shape, and we trusted Dave to be thorough and honest.  So, once again, we set the alarm (getting to be a habit!) at dark-thirty, and were at the garage before 8 A.M.  They got us right in and spent over an hour going through every system on the car.  Once done, Dave pronounced us good to go – nothing needed.  That peace of mind check-up only cost us $50.  If you’re ever in the area and need service on your car, check out Highland Automotive on Pecan Ave.

I called my doc’s office this afternoon, to request orders for me to get my routine blood work and annual mammogram.  I also wanted to have my records checked for any other tests I might need this year.  To my great surprise, I was asked if I could come in for my blood work and a doctor visit first thing tomorrow morning!  So, once again, we’ll be setting that alarm clock for dark-thirty in the morning and it will be my turn for the check-up.  Hope I don’t need a tune-up!

There is sad news in our community today, though.  Our friends, Mike and Pat McFall received word yesterday that Mike’s son, Mikel, passed away in his sleep. Mike lost another son just two years ago.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they face this sudden loss.  We are so grateful that Rollie and Gina are with them now.  As Mike sometimes ends his blogs, “Remember, tell your Kids and  Family that you love them.  They will not be around forever.”

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