Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yes, We Have No Alligators Today

Ellie 009

Instead, we enjoyed a blue sky decorated with wispy clouds, with sugar-white sand beaches and the Gulf waters gently lapping the shore.

I got up early and made it to line dancing, where the class continues to grow.  When I got home, Jim informed me he had prepared a picnic lunch and had the car loaded and ready to go.  Wow – what a guy!  He earned himself about a million “hubby-points” for that! 

We took off towards the coast and ended up turning East – towards Florida.

We stopped at a public beach along the way:

Ellie 005_2

Where we enjoyed the warm, sunny day and the beach treasures:

Ellie 014

We continued and found the Gulf Islands National Seashore:

Ellie 042






We enjoyed our picnic lunch at the National Seashore:

Ellie 039


Jim 038

After lunch, we continued on and ended up at the National Museum of Naval Aviation, located on Pensacola Naval Air Station.  We enjoyed wandering through the massive exhibit hall where there are many planes displayed.  What I found most interesting was this exhibit – Quilts!

Ellie 054

This is a quilt challenge and traveling exhibit celebrating 100 years of Naval Aviation.  The stories attached to each quilt described the relationship of the quilter to the Navy – and they were wonderful and touching to read.

Jim 056

Just across street from the museum, we found the Pensacola lighthouse, lit in 1859 and still active today.

Ellie 065

The closest to an alligator for today was this guy Jim found loitering around on the lighthouse porch:

Jim 070

What a day!


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That is a wonderful part of the country. We enjoy both the Air Museum and the national seashore.

We are looking forward to being back in that area in a a month or so.

roamingwhenwecan said...

Oh darn, wish we had known you were heading that way today, we met Donna and Nolan for lunch in Pensacola Beach.
Aren't those beaches WONDERFUL!

Sue and Doug said...

looks like a perfect day in my books!!! enjoy!

Erin said...

Sure would love to be on that beach now :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures, we loved seeing all of the white sand!

Janna and Mike said...

That white sand beach is beautiful. We too have white only it is the cold stuff. December 15 can't come fast enough!

Mark and Dortha said...

What a grand way to spend the day.

Phyllis said...

My, my, my it's been such a long time since I've dropped in on you? Are you still staying in Summerdale? If so, tell Babs and Larry that Phyllis and Leonard say hi. They were leaving Raccoon Valley in TN right after we left there two weeks ago and they were headed to Alabama.

We are in GA. Heading to Alabama next Friday but up in the middle of the state.

Still, one of these days we will catch up with you.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Lovely pictures, and the beaches look wonderful.
I bet the dogs love playing in that white stuff, instead of the cold kind!
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

P.S. Love your baby green alligator!

Debbie Goode said...

I'm starting to think maybe we should have went south to Florida instead of west for the winter....sure looks a lot warmer there! Glad you are enjoying yourselves.

Lee Ann McCormick said...

Wonderful pics today you guys! Looks like you had a terrific day, wish we were there to enjoy it with you!

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

What a great part of the country. I love those white beaches! Great pictures!