Friday, December 17, 2010

Yes, We Still Have a Blog

I knew it was time to get busy and write a new entry when Jim made a comment the other day, “this would be a good picture for the blog, if you still had one.”  Hmmm….has it been that long?

What have we been up to, where are we now and what are we doing?

The last time I wrote, we were in Livingston.  Much of our time there we were visiting with our friends, Mike and Rhonda and their family.  We were blessed to be invited to their home for Thanksgiving.

Below are four generations of the Heath family. On the right is Mike, one of Jim’s best friends from high school.  Next to Mike is Polly, his mom.  Jeremy, next to Polly, is Mike’s son.  He’s holding his younger son, Ryan.  Next is Gene, Mike’s brother who is holding Jeremy’s older son, Landry.

Ellie 018

While we were in the area, we also went to Old Town Spring, where we visited with another of Jim’s friends from his high school days.  Donny Hickmott owns an art gallery there, The Walking Stick, where he displays his fabulous paintings.  If you find yourself in the area, we definitely recommend a stop there.

Jim 012

Jim 008

Rhonda, Mike’s wife and I stopped at the Wimberly Wine shop to pick up a couple of bottles of Texas wine.

Jim 010

At the Escapees Rainbow’s End park, we also got caught up with our list of cleaning and sorting through some of our “stuff” and took care of some much needed financial planning.

Our time in Livingston was busy and productive!  But of course, it was soon time to move on and we pulled up our jacks and rolled the Castle on to Braunig Lake RV Resort just outside of San Antonio.

Deb and Rod were already here, and we went out for dinner with them our first night here.  We’ve had some fun times with them over the last week or so, including a day trip down to Rockport to buy fresh shrimp.  While we were in town, we met Donna and Nolan for lunch at The Big Fisherman.

Ellie 066

We’ve also made a couple of trips over to the San Marcos area to investigate the massive outlet malls there and visit the Camping World with Deb & Rod. 

Yesterday, we drove and the four of us went to lunch in Lockhart, known as the Barbeque Capital of Texas.  We chose Black’s Barbeque, owned by the same family continuously for over 80 years. 

Deb and Rod heading for the door:

Ellie droid 006

Our reviews were mixed, Deb didn’t care for the sausage, but we all thought the brisket and turkey were great.  I think we were all most impressed by the sides, though!  Our day trip also included a few other stops, as well, including the outlet malls, Sam’s Club and Spec’s, a Texas discount liquor outlet.

I’ve been busy learning and living the new Weight Watchers program.  While we were still in Livingston, I attended the roll-out meeting and got all the new materials, calculator and so forth.  The entire “points” system was changed, so there is a lot of learning and re-learning involved.  Everyone I know says they really like that fruits are “free”.  The new program really does steer our eating in a healthier direction.

We have plans to get together with more friends over the next couple of weeks while we get ready for our next move.  We’ll be making our way to the Arizona desert, and yes, there are boondocking plans!


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Good to finally hear from you guys! Some of us snowbirds who are up to our necks in snow (not quite) are interested to know what's going on in the sunny south.

Glad to hear you're headed for the desert. Sigh.

Karon said...

I agree with Sandra, want to know what's going on in the sunny south. It's so good to see that all is's just so much fun to read about your adventures. Keep on having fun and keep writing about it.

Love you and miss you. Karon

Debbie Goode said...

Nice to know all is well and that you are doing your best to enjoy this Holiday Season. Just keep up the good work!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Glad to hear from you again! So nice to see that things are going good and you are getting out and about. Hope to meet up with you guys somewhere down the road.

Karen and Steve
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