Monday, August 6, 2012

Red Bay Arrival Day

This was a relatively short travel day, compared to the last 2 days.  We left the campground in Tennessee at about 7 a.m. this morning, Eastern Time, and arrived without incident in Red Bay, Alabama around 12:30 Central Time.

Our view was pretty gray most of the day, but we only encountered a few light rain showers along the way:

Dortha sent me a text when she and Mark arrived to let me know the campground was full so there was only dry camping available.  For those of you who are new to my blog, Red Bay is the little town in the northwest corner of Alabama where Tiffin Motorhomes has their manufacturing and service facilities.  The service facility consists about 50 or so repair bays and a campground with about 99 full hook-up sites and a handful of partial hook-up sites, plus room for at least a dozen dry camping sites.  When the campground fills up, newcomers are sent to a dry camping area to wait for a partial or a full hook-up spot to open. Typically, people come and go so quickly that people are not left in the dry camp area very long.

We were happy to arrive safely, especially since every time we hit a bump on the road, more small bits of glass would fall out of the windshield crack!  As soon as we got parked in our spot, Jim took our paperwork to the office and went to talk to the general service manager to explain the urgency of our situation.  The jacks that we need are expected to arrive sometime this week, and that is our first priority. They will work us in as soon as possible once the parts are here.  The windshield is probably ok as long we are not bouncing along a road now, but will definitely need to be replaced while we are here.  We do have several other items on our repair list (yes, we do keep a running list because we know we’ll be in this part of the country once or twice a year), and those are not urgent needs.

Since Dortha and Mark arrived a little earlier they were already set up in their dry camping area when we got here.  We were sitting in their coach visiting when they got their call to move to a full hook-up site.  Dortha generously offered to cook dinner for us this evening, for which we are very grateful!  Just as we were finishing our dinner, we got a call from the campground office to move to a site with electric and water – yay!  We’re now tucked in for tonight.  Most likely we’ll be able to move to a full hook-up site sometime tomorrow.  We leveled as best we could with our blocks and now have all four slides out.

It seems like a long time ago that we pulled out of  Topsham Fairgounds, and in a way it was.  We’ve  covered approximately 1300 miles in about 24 hours of driving since Saturday morning. 

We added 2 more states to the list we’ve been through in that past 2 days:

Again, I want to acknowledge and thank you all for your comments and concerns!  We really appreciate them.  We are fine with our situation, even though we are disappointed to postpone the adventures we’d anticipated.  I doubt my posts from Red Bay will be nearly as interesting, but you never know around here!


Renea Miller said...

I just LOVE your blog and comments and especially your awesome outlook on your situation in all ways! You see the good in the bad things as well as the good and that makes me happy! I look up to you guys so much and love you dearly! So happy you are going to get the help you need. I can no rest easily.

Love you dearly!!!

Rod Ivers said...

Have you been to the coon dawg cemetery? Well, have some fun in the area anyway, while you wait....

Rod and Loyce :-)

Joe and Carolyn said...

I'm already dissappointed. We are in MT and just noticed my newly replaced rails (Mar) are coming loose on the DS rear. I didn't think it would be as crowded this early. Due to family difficulties we're headed that way. You'll probably be gone by then, at least we hope so :)