Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Week

It hardly seems possible, but another week has gone by.  We’ve started to settle into a little bit of a routine around here.

Sunday and Monday brought quite a bit of rain.  We found out our new site isn’t quite as elevated as the one across the street, so we had a few puddles around, but with the sandy soil here, puddles don’t last very long.

A few of the regular line dancers have started getting together in the clubhouse at our regular time – 8:00 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The actual class hasn’t started, the teacher won’t be here until later on this fall.  So right now it’s an informal process, we take turns suggesting and leading dances.  I’ve learned one new dance so far and “taught” one as well.  I have great fun with this group!

On Wednesday after line dancing, Jim suggested an outing to Fort Morgan.  We have been to that area several times and toured the fort the first time we came to this area.  We’d heard about a shipwreck that was buried, but got uncovered during the recent hurricane, and we thought we might be able to find it.

While we were at the fort, I was taking pictures like this:

ellie 005a

While Jim was taking pictures like this:

jim 003


jim 025

At the fort’s museum, we learned that the shipwreck was somewhere down on the beach, not on the fort’s property.  We thought we’d try to get to the beach, but the first road we tried turned out to be not such a great one:

jim 034

Even though we could see that truck ahead, we decided navigating what was left of that asphalt road was probably not in our best interest, so we backed out and went on our way.  We did try one more road, but it was pretty messy too, so we gave it up.

We’ve been doing so well with our plan to eat at home more, we decided to splurge and have lunch out:

ellie 011

And Tacky Jack’s was just the spot.  Jim enjoyed his seafood trio, and I had a shrimp po’boy (but left the bun).

Other things that have occupied our time this past week include getting both dogs washed and groomed.  The grooming was accomplished on two separate mornings. We have limited shade in the morning, and once my shade is gone, I’m done and so is the dog.  We’ve also taken care of all the usual routine stuff like laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, cleaning, while leaving time for that all-important activity – relaxing!

It’s been a great week.


Donna K said...

Had to chuckle about the difference in your selection of photo subjects. But must say I liked both! I think you were wise to avoid that road. Why borrow trouble!!

Phyllis said...

Hi there. See you are back in Al. We toured Ft Morgan when we were down that way earlier this year.

WOw - that is some terrible looking stretch of highway there.

Speedy said...

We will be out on the Road come January and we had thought about coming down that direction. Not sure where we are headed but it will be fun no matter which way we go.