Saturday, September 15, 2012

Slow Day at the Plantation

I don’t know about anybody else around here, but our day here at the Plantation was slow, very, very slow.  I kind of planned it that way after the busy activities of this past week.

Jim has been wanting to make a run to Camping World up in Robertsdale, so he did that while I stayed home and did – well, pretty much – nothing.  Oh, I did manage to make the bed, cook a little breakfast, straighten up the place and walk the dogs a few times, but other than that, I couldn’t seem to get myself inspired to do much of anything.

We’ve been trying to be good about cooking and eating at home since we got here on Monday.  Yes, we did go to Big Daddy’s on Monday afternoon, but hey, it was travel day, and don’t the rules stipulate there’s no cooking on travel days?

But we’ve been great the rest of the week, and today might have been the winner – when Jim got back from his errands, I had red, yellow and green bell peppers and an onion cut and ready to grill, as well as a package of chicken asiago sausages.  He got those going while I made a pot of whole grain linguini with garlic and olive oil.

Today’s picture has all the important ingredients – the outside TV, chair with controllers on the attached table, open beer, and veggies grilling!

Ellie 002

That was a delicious meal, and we got to watch Auburn squeak by the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Other than that, we’ve been practicing the fine art of “doing nothing” – we may just have to work on this a little more tomorrow!


Elaine said...

today's picture definitely had all the right ingredients :)...looks like you had a great day!!

Twoskpersontheroad said...

We look forward to going to the Escapees Park their next year so thanks for posting all the information. See you this winter.
John and Pat