Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hope The Wheels on The Phaeton Are Still Round - It's Time To Go

Well, that was a quick six months!  It seems like we just got settled in and started having fun, and already it's time to get going.  We'll be pulling up the jacks tomorrow morning and heading towards New Orleans for a few days of visiting with our good friend, Rosalie.  Then it will be on to more adventures down the road.

We've had some fun times here at the Rainbow Plantation!  Way too many to go into detail, but here are some of the highlights:

A Christmas Parade with "Santa"

A lunch on the beach with a group of friends, with some lounging around afterward in the restaurant's great beach seating:

The Big Event - Mardi Gras! Peggy and Mike Everingham were here to enjoy the festivities, and there's Jim standing behind Darrell and Judy Patterson:

Darrell was crowned King of Rainbow Plantation's Mardi Gras:

We got to do a tiny bit of line dancing at one of the Mardi Gras parties, here are Barb, me, Ann and Joan doing the Cowboy Charleston around the room.

The theme this year was the Roaring Twenties, and here are Janet and Al Whitney portraying a gangster and his gal:

 I'm not sure anyone ever found out who was hiding in this scarecrow costume!

Line dancing has been an important part of my time here.  I facilitated the Tuesday/Thursday classes which have been designed for people who've had a little more experience with line dance to continue improving their skills by learning new dances.  We have had a great time, and the class showed their appreciation with a little going away party after our last class this past Thursday.

 Starting In the lower center and moving clockwise,  is Joan, Ann, Renee, Madonna, Me, Muffy, and Donna.  The class presented me with a very generous gift card to a local favorite grill - Big Daddy's, where I had my birthday party.  I'll miss this group!

 In addition to these classes, I talked a few of the ladies into joining me at the Foley Senior Center on Wednesday afternoons for another line dance class, and I attended a Monday evening class in Fairhope several times.  I'm looking forward to picking all these classes back up when we come back later next fall.

We had a few days where our RV site became "lakefront" property and we had the opportunity to catch up on reading, napping and a few inside projects.

But in spite of some cooler, wetter weather then we might have wished for, it's been a beautiful time here in Lower Alabama.  Of course, we didn't do everything we thought we might, maybe next time!

We're looking forward to our return to the Plantation, but we're also excited about new adventures coming up.


Betty Graffis said...

It seems time always goes faster when you're having fun and it certainly looks like you had a lot of fun!!! One of our pickle ball friends is a line dancer/instructor. Faye Eubanks. I enjoy watching, but my balance would probably not let me do it safely. Happy and safe travels to you as you continue on your next adventure.

Unknown said...

Loved the highlights of your stay in Alabama. But excited for your new adventures and more importantly your journey to the Big A!!! Love you guys!!!

Speedy said...

Sherri and I have followed you forever. It is good to hear you are back on the go. Hope that you stay safe and let us know every once in a while what you have been up to.

Pat said...

Wow, you can still type! :-) It was good talking to you last night. I am really looking forward to "dancin'" with you this summer. Travel safe! Hugs......Pat

L. Walker said...

Ellie and Jim,

You all don't know me but I started reading your blog in 2008. I found it after making a blog for my husband's family when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Reading your adventures was such an escape from my daily routine and I looked forward to checking in, seeing your pictures and enjoying your travels. I see you are headed to New Orleans which is our hometown. Have a great visit and happy trails to you both!

Lynette Walker

Unknown said...

Nice pictorial recap of what looks like a lovely stay. Safe travels as you head on to your next adventure.